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  • Super Top-Up Health Insurance Plan – All You Need To Know

    Super top-up health insurance is an extension to an existing health insurance plan. Read this blog to know how super top up plans can help you with your emergency expenses.
  • 5 Yoga Asanas to stay fit!

    Yoga works best for people of any age and background is that it is a balanced combination of physical activity and mental calmness. Read this blog to know the best yoga asanas to stay fit.
  • Five Places You Can Travel To For A Short Road Trip

    Short road trips are exciting and thrilling. They bring the best opportunity to explore the unknown lands and a traveller within us. Read this blog to know the best places for a road trip that you can visit.
  • Everything You Need To Know About Dengue

    Dengue virus has caused an alarming number of deaths in the past and still remains a cause of major concern. Read this blog to know about the dengue virus in detail.
  • Return to Invoice Cover (RTI) in Car Insurance

    RTI is an add-on cover that is offered with the comprehensive car insurance plan. It is exclusively available to cars that are new or less than three years old. Read the blog to know in detail.
  • COVID-19 and Insurance: What do you need to know?

    IRDAI has asked insurers to design products covering the treatment cost of coronavirus. Read this blog to know in detail about the COVID 19 insurance covers in detail.
  • All About Buying Health Insurance For Parents

    There are many health insurance plans available for your elderly parents, so know all about the reasons why you should buy a health insurance plan for parents, what is the age limit to buy a health insurance plan for parents, documents required while buying health insurance for parents and what is not covered in a health insurance plan for parents.