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  • Tax Benefits in Retirement Insurance Plans

    Under Section 80CCC & 80D, the premium paid towards any annuity plan qualifies for income tax rebates under Section 80 CCC of the Indian Income Tax Act up to INR 1.5 lakhs a year for the premium you pay. For more details, read this article.
  • How to Apply for Travel Insurance in India?

    Travel insurance is one of the essential types of general insurance. It is mandatory to have travel insurance if you wish to travel abroad. Learn this article to know how to buy travel insurance in India?
  • All You Need to Know About Waiver of Premium Rider

    The waiver of premium rider comes into action when the policyholder cannot earn a livelihood and pay the insurance premium due to a severe illness or injury.
  • Does a Health Policy Cover Dental Treatment in India?

    Dental treatments are usually not covered under the comprehensive health insurance plans in India. This is mainly because dental treatment is considered a cosmetic treatment, a permanent exclusion in most health insurance plans in the country.
  • What is Restoration Benefit in Health Insurance?

    Health Insurance Restoration benefit allows you to cover all expenses after exhausted the coverage amount due to hospitalization. To know more, read this article.
  • 6 Types of Death not Covered in Term Insurance

    Does term insurance cover all deaths? Here are the 6 types of death that the Term Insurance does not cover. For more information, read this article.