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6 Important Driving Tips During Monsoon

Happiness and Problems are always bundled and come together, similarly monsoon season which is always much awaited. During the monsoon, we not only get respite from high temperature, but we also get…

Happiness and Problems are always bundled and come together, similarly monsoon season which is always much awaited. During the monsoon, we not only get respite from high temperature, but we also get to see beautiful landscapes. This gives a great feeling of joy to all of us and reminds us of our childhood, when we all use to get wet and play in the rain. Along with the happiness, monsoon also brings trouble for us. It creates so many hitches like inevitable floods or water logging, causing all kind of transport disruptions whether in terms of public transport or your own mode of transport like car or two-wheeler. Yes, it’s right! People experience a lot of problems during monsoon, especially while you are in a flood prone area. Commutation is one of the main problem caused due to monsoon. So, people commuting in their own vehicles should remain more cautious while driving during rainy season. Here are a few important driving tips during monsoon which everyone should follow to stay safe during the season:


Considering the Indian road conditions and rash drivers, you should be extra cautious about the tyres of your vehicles whether you are driving a car or a two-wheeler. During rainy season, it becomes unsafe to drive on a road that has potholes and water logging. Roads are more prone to accidents being slippery and with a poor visibility, specially during nights. Hence, you should be extra cautious about your vehicle’s tyre threads. The tyres should have enough threads on it along with adequate tyre pressure. Make sure that you don’t have bald tyres as they are more prone to cause any kind of accidents.


Check your car’s windshield wipers time to time, especially during monsoon. Wipers should be in a very good condition and should be able wipe away all the water and dust from the windshield. Ensure that the wipers are working correctly, according to the rain speeds. Rubber lining of wiper blades should be checked before monsoon. Also, check that your car’s wiper washer bottle has enough quantity of mild detergent that can keep your windshield clean during monsoon.


Among the most crucial part of any vehicle is its Brakes. If the brakes of your vehicle are in a good condition, only then you can feel safe. So, check your car’s or two- wheeler’s brakes and get the brake pads replaced before monsoon season. If not changing, at least get them cleaned before you plan to use your vehicle during monsoon season. Make sure that the stopping power of your vehicle’s brakes should be highly satisfactory. Also, check your ABS system before monsoon starts.

Car Service:

Get your vehicle serviced and inspected before you ride them in monsoon season. It is very important to have optimum level of engine oil, get air and fuel filter cleaned or replaced if required.

Headlights and Emergency lights:

During rainy season, make sure that the headlights and emergency lights of your car are working properly. They should be clean during monsoon, as this can disrupt the vision. Get any kind of breakage or cracks repaired to avoid water seepage which can result in severe damage to the vehicle. Also, make sure that all the wires are properly insulated.

Outer Body of Car:

For a corrosion free and shiny vehicle ensure that the car’s paint is not damaged and there is no corrosion. Also, don’t forget to polish your car’s body paint with wax as to avoid any kind of damage to its paint. You can also use an anti-corrosion spray to protect the car’s paint.

Valid Vehicle Insurance:

Out of all these precautions, most importantly you should have a valid vehicle insurance policy which will ensure that your vehicle is being taken care if you land up in any kind of unavoidable incident. If you do not have a valid car insurance policy, this may become difficult for you to bear the expenses from your own pocket, incurred in case of any accident. Having a valid insurance is important, not only during monsoon but in every season. It’s just that during monsoon, the chances of accidents increase due to wet roads, less visibility and potholes. Hence, it’s advisable to be extra cautious and get your vehicle insured during monsoon season and enjoy the changing weather.

Undoubtedly, the rainy season is the best time to enjoy hot tea with snacks or to go on long drives with your loved ones, but with the above mentioned important driving tips during monsoon and extra attentiveness while driving, you can enjoy more. Make sure that you always keep proper margin from the vehicle in front of your car while driving.

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