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Benefits Of Comparing Car Insurance Online

Benefits of Comparing Car Insurance Online Car Insurance Policy – WHY? As per the MVA, 1988, third-party motor insurance is mandatory for all car users. To make sure every individual on road is…

Benefits of Comparing Car Insurance Online

Car Insurance Policy – WHY?

As per the MVA, 1988, third-party motor insurance is mandatory for all car users. To make sure every individual on road is safe and secured, it is mandated by law to take a TP policy. Well, that’s when car insurance policy comes into the picture.

Types of Car Insurance Plans

You can have a pick from the two types of motor car insurance plans offered by the insurance company:

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance CoverageThis policy protects your vehicle against damages due to accident, fire, or theft and also covers the third-party liability claims. Add-on features and benefits are offered with this plan by some car insurance companies on extra payment.
  • Third-Party Liability Car insurance: This policy is explicitly designed to cover any damage to the property or bodily injuries to a third party or the person involved in an accident with your vehicle. 

How to choose the right company and the right plan?

With increasing numbers of car insurers and the alluring benefits displayed by them, one must make a wise decision. The most common, easy, and effective way of doing so is by online comparison of all the car insurance companies and their offerings, and then making a final decision.

Online comparison of the Car insurance policy:

Online comparison of car insurance policies gives you a better deal on the premium amount. It helps you to find a car insurance policy with excellent features and which is best suitable for your requirements. Let’s take a look at the reasons why you should compare plans online before buying your car insurance.

  • Reasonable Premium Rates: Each car insurance policy is available at a different price. All insurers do not offer the same coverage and premiums. You need to find a plan which provides the lowest premium rate with the wider coverage. You can compare car insurance premium prices charged by all the companies and the coverage they offer before choosing one.
  • Tailor-Made PolicyYou can decide your needs and can select the policy in terms of its type, Insured Declared Value (IDV), and Add-ons. You can customise the policy as per your requirement and add-ons available with the insurer.
  • Add-on Offered: Not all insurance companies provide every add-on. You can shortlist companies that are ready to provide you with the add-ons you need and make your choice accordingly.
  • Discounts Provided: Insurance advisors give discount on your car insurance. It varies from insurer to insurer and car to car. Make sure to avail the discounts offered by the insurance advisor and avail the one that suits your needs.
  • Cashless Garages Services: Under the 'Cashless claims' insurance company covers individual garages where you can go for cashless repairing. You can check this during an online car insurance comparison.
  • Expert Opinion: Some comparison sites provide unbiased views that help in clearing confusion and help you to buy the plan best suited for you. 
  • Claim Settlement Process: Lastly, you can compare the technicalities and procedure of the claim settlement process of all the available insurers and choose a company with the easiest processes. 

Which car insurance comparison sites should you try?

There are many sites for a comparative study of the car insurance policy. is one such site where you can compare all the features of almost all the car insurance providers and get a better deal. The website saves the hassle of managing multiple windows on your laptop or PC screen and can quickly help you with comparison in a single window. It also assists in selecting the add-ons. Online purchase of car insurance policy, if done through such a reliable site, can help in evading fake car insurance policy providers.    

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