Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover Your Car During Monsoon? | RenewBuy | Renewbuy

Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover Your Car During Monsoon? | RenewBuy

While many herald the onset of monsoon as a relief from the sweltering heat, it is also the beginning of troubled times for car owners. With issues of flooding, potholes, and accidents at its highest during the rains, there is a likelihood of damage and subsequent repair bills for any car owner in India. Interestingly, even though almost all car owners are aware of the perils of driving in the rains, they still do not opt to protect their cars with additional insurance coverage meant specifically for monsoons.

What is the scenario today?

It is true that standard car insurance policies will protect you from accident and damage to the third- party, most of the rains related problems are not covered. Some instances include non-coverage for replacement of damaged parts or water problems in the car’s engine. While a comprehensive Car insurance policy will cover small losses or even total loss, it won’t provide you with cover for monsoon-related damage like water logging and flooding that harms the engine parts and makes your car more susceptible to accidents.

What add-on covers you should choose?

It is important to add extra protection to your existing insurance policy to stay better protected against problems of rains like waterlogging or flooding. However, we see that the market is flooded (no pun intended!) with hundreds of add-on options. It makes choosing the right add-on cover for monsoon difficult. With this post, we will try to clear your confusion and recommend the 3 best add-ons that can be a boon for the monsoons:

1. Roadside Assistance

If you travel outside your locality to other cities, then this is a must have for monsoon- specific breakdowns. You can opt for a jump-start, tyre replacement, or supply of petrol/ diesel at the site of the breakdown by expert mechanics. If your car doesn't start with these measures, then you will need to opt for towing services as a part of Roadside assistance.

2. Zero Depreciation

With zero depreciation insurance on paint and plastic, fibre, or rubber parts, you can get more value for your claims. It means that there won’t be any deduction on these parts at the time of processing the claim when this add-on is present. You get the full value of your claim as a refund based on your IDV. Hence it makes total sense to opt for this add-on along with a standard comprehensive coverage.

3. Engine cover

The engine of modern day cars comes equipped with hydrostatic locks that prevent the car from moving ahead in case of water ingestion. With engine cover protection, you can save yourself as much as a couple of lakhs of rupees needed to repair or replace the engine damaged in waterlogged or flooded areas. The cost involved will depend on the make, body and age of the car.


Do let us know if you have any other add-on coverage specially or the rainy seasons. We would love to hear from you.