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Choose the Motor Insurance for your Sports Car With Care

Buying a sports car is a dream that a lot of people have, but only few of them can convert it into a reality. If everyone started buying a sports car, their exquisiteness would not remain exclusive…

Buying a sports car is a dream that a lot of people have, but only few of them can convert it into a reality. If everyone started buying a sports car, their exquisiteness would not remain exclusive anymore. It is this rarity that a lot of sports cars make it to the walls as posters and not garages as vehicles. For the few ones who have been successful in converting their dreams, congratulations!

As they say, with great power comes great responsibilities. And since we are talking about the sports car category, the power figures mostly range to the north of 450 bhp. And let us not even get into the torque of these mean machines. With so much power and torque at your helm, responsible driving is one of the first lessons that a buyer must undergo. Thus, you need to choose the Motor Insurance for your Sports Car with care.

Simply because fixing a minor scratch or repair costs post a small crash might cost you a few thousand INR. But the same with sports cars, well, we will let your imagination take care of that. Even if you do your best to avoid traffic and drive responsibly, there are chances of someone bumping into your vehicle.

And then there is a probability of accidents or attempt to theft or burglary. If you wish to handle all that power smoothly, choosing the Motor Insurance for your Sports Car with care can be your best bet. And when you are spending that much money on buying a car, you cannot expect the repairs or maintenance to be light on your pockets.

Motor Insurance for your Sports Car Offers a Peace of Mind

We have all come across vehicles on the road that have the badges of other vehicles. In fact, it is not a rare phenomenon to see the logos or badges of premium cars being stolen. Some thieves might even take the risk considering the higher possible outcomes of the same.

If the car enthusiast in you, wishes to sleep well at night and not worry about these things a motor insurance for your sports car is a must. More often than not, you end up paying higher money for the exclusiveness of a product. The same translates into higher repair bills and higher maintenance bills.

When you do take your car out for a spin, it will most likely attract a lot of attention. Any luxury cars in India instantly become eye magnets. And in the event of a rare sight such as a sports car, the curiosity, eagerness and even envy of some is difficult to manage. Knowingly or unknowingly some mishap might happen.

To ensure that you keep driving your prized possession without having to worry about such occurrences, choose the Motor Insurance for your Sports Car with care. And the law mandates all vehicles to have at least a third-party insurance. The amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act in the year 1988 made it mandatory for all vehicles to have a valid insurance on them. And it includes premium vehicles and sports cars.

In fact, in more recent developments, the government is mulling over the thoughts of making third-party liability cover mandatory for a minimum of three years for cars. As opposed to the yearly ones earlier.

Knowing Your Insurance

We have already discussed that the higher price tag on a sports car translates to higher coverage as well. And there are enough pointers to show a direct correlation between a sports car and bigger insurance plans. As of now in India, there are about 50 car insurance groups. Each of these groups is decided by the type of car you own. These range from hatchback, SUV, sedan, luxury sedan, sports car etc.

It is pretty much similar to the different categories of vehicles. The C1, C2, D1, D2, etc. being some examples of the same. Thus, if your car belongs to a higher group, the corresponding motor insurance would also be higher. A sports car for that matter belongs to the top category.

Just as buyers do, the auto insurance companies also take into consideration lot more factors like the price tag of a car, repair costs, cost of spares etc. There are a few car insurance companies which will not acknowledge the request if your car doesn’t have the bare minimum safety features on them.

Before you sign on the policy documents, ensure that the policy covers all possible scenarios. Getting quotes from different insurance can offer higher savings for you. You can also check the insurance quotes for your sports car online. And if you already have a car insurance plan with an insurer, ensure to renew the policy with them to gain access to better savings.

An investment as high as a sports car most certainly requires a protection such as a motor insurance.

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