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Comprehensive Car Insurance Against Natural Disasters

The old college meet held today enabled all of our friends reminisce the good olden days. However, we were all sad that one of our closest buddies did not turn up. When we called him to inquire about…

The old college meet held today enabled all of our friends reminisce the good olden days. However, we were all sad that one of our closest buddies did not turn up. When we called him to inquire about him, he told us some devastating facts. Though he is not a Keralyte, he went there on a job purpose with the Kerala Government and started residing there. The recent floods shattered the God’s own country and millions of the people of the state and our closest pal is yet another victim. He had to bear huge losses and he said his car worth Rs.1,00,0000 got drowned in the flood water entirely not even worth of scrap. But thanks to the comprehensive insurance he got, as he could at least retrieve some valid money in that difficult time.

Natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, forest fire or fire, tornadoes, storms and cyclones and other calamities affect humankind badly both financially and personally. But generally, we consider a natural disaster as the least priority when we buy insurance. For any income group, car is undoubtedly one of the most expensive purchases and it is a huge blow if this machine gets affected by a natural calamity. Many a time, we do not anticipate things and being a victim to a calamity is the least thing we anticipate for the kind of rate occurrence it is. It is unimportant how seldom a calamity strikes but is definitely a precautionary measure or an act of foresight if one gets insured for a calamity also. Comprehensive car insurance against natural disasters is a boon and gets you protected against all odds of nature and enable you retrieve solid amount for the loss and there by helps you revive from the disaster.

The Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 has made it mandatory in India to purchase third party insurance policy, the basic form of insurance coverage.  The vehicle owner is protected against all the legal liabilities caused due to the damage or loss occurred by a third party or their assets. It has to be kept in mind that a third- party car insurance plan covers on a limited basis and that a Comprehensive car insurance against natural disasters offers complete protection from wide range of occurrences comprising natural calamities as well as man-made calamities.

A comprehensive car insurance plan protects your car for the damages and losses occurring due to almost all- natural calamities. Some insurance companies also offer coverage on collateral damages and losses occurring due to a natural disaster. Standing examples for these situations can be theft, wreckage caused by animals and destruction. It is very essential to make sure that your insurance policy offers sufficient protection against all the calamities especially for those who live in areas vulnerable to disasters such as coastal areas or high- grade earthquake zones or the humid mountainous ranges that attract good rainfall etc.

Undoubtedly, a Comprehensive car insurance against natural disasters costs you more than that of a third- party insurance plan, but the range of cover it offers is definitely worth investing your money on it. It is even simpler to file a claim on a comprehensive insurance plan against the common myths that it is complicated.

Steps for an Easy and Hassle-Free Claim:

Collect Proper Evidence:

Once you recover from the storm, start collecting the evidences for the damages caused to your vehicle due to the mishap. However, do remember that the mishap has to be a listed calamity as per your policy. Majority of the natural calamities are covered under your policy if it is comprehensive.

Collect pictures of your car in interior and exterior angles along with the engine cabin and the trunk of the car as well. Make sure that the damage to your car is visible in the picture in an appealing manner and it should prove that the disaster is the reason for this damage. Without collecting the evidence, you are not suggested to clean up the wreckage, as these form vital proofs for your insurer to process a claim for you.

Assess the Quantum of Damage:

Before the accident analyzer from the insurance company arrives, make sure that you call the local mechanic to evaluate the damage occurred to the vehicle. Service center people also need to be contacted to understand how much does it cost to bring the vehicle back to normal working condition. This will help you bargain with the insurer.

Inform the Insurance Company Immediately:

The quicker you contact the insurance company, the higher it is beneficial for your claim to smoothly process. The above steps are suggested to be done in the fastest possible time. Comprehensive car insurance against natural disasters gives valid protection if approached in time.

Claim Settlement:

If the claim settlement officer has offered too low in comparison to your analysis amount, feel free to put it up in front or do visit the higher authorities if necessary.

A comprehensive policy is crucial for a financial support in an unforeseen event that is a natural calamity However, there may be very few things that your plan may not cater to when it comes to provide insurance coverage. Hence, you are requested to pay attention to every minute detail before you purchase a policy.

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