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Drive Smart Service Along with Your Car Insurance Policy

The way our world moves around us in terms of technology seems faster than we can think. This includes new age driving. If you happen to be an owner or a driver, then it will be a smart move to check out what Drive Smart service has to offer.

What is the Drive Smart service?

In simple terms, it’s a tracking service but with a difference. Drive Smart - first and the only Telematics service provided in India offers 24 hrs. tracking operations of your vehicle on a real time basis. This includes an automobile diagnostics, safety alerts, and an overall summary.

Its technology parameters will keep your family safe and secure. This offer is activated once the insurance is purchased or renewed with Drive Smart features. The device is delivered in 2 weeks and needs to be fitted on the OBD II port of the vehicle. Also a mobile app “Insurance wallet” needs to be installed. This helps to monitor data on a smart phone.

Features of the Drive Smart Service

1.Vehicle Diagnostics

It factors in a lot of in-vehicle conditions like Battery Condition and Engine Condition. Data is collected on real time basis and key stats are displayed.

2.Geo-Fencing and Tracking

Under this, it shows the below insights:

  • Last seen location: Location of the vehicle last seen on the map
  • Last seen at: The address where the car was last seen
  • Find my car: How to locate the vehicle through navigation.
  • A real time location sharing: On SMS, email, and WhatsApp 

3.Driving Pattern and Statistics

This parameter tracks various details like:

  • Top speed of the car: highest speed reached by the car
  • Total Distance travelled : summary on every day basis
  • Longest distance travelled in a day : indicates longest trip taken
  • An interactive Activity Summary 

4.Document Wallet

It provides notifications on user specified alerts around car info, like expiration of PUC, Insurance and License. 

5.Alerts and Notification

It provides a range of alerts and notifications as specified below:

  • Over speeding alert : Notification of over speeding alert as set by the user
  • Geo-fencing alert: Notification on unauthorized movement of vehicle
  • Low Battery alert: Notification on low battery
  • Important alerts: Advanced Notification after suggested servicing. This is taken from the last service date, distance the vehicle travelled and its post service. One can also get alerts on PUC and Driving License Expiry
  • Towing alert: notifies incase the vehicle gets towed 

6.Expert Support

Ask an expert on any of the below queries:

  • Support personnel available for any car related queries
  • Report bugs / suggest feature: The development team is available for feedbacks on any kind of glitz, bug or improvements that the user may have

Benefits of using the Drive Smart Service

Some of the advantages driven by this useful technology solution include -

  • Provides an overall safer driving experience
  • Enables vehicle tracking through Geo fencing feature
  • Emergency Road Side Assistance is made available on priority at the push of a button
  • Notifications on car performance status on car’s battery and engine
  • Allows you to set reminders and notify on expiry of insurance, PUC and License
  • Monitors driving patterns
  • Vehicle servicing alerts

Drive Smart is a distinctive offer which by using telematics technology provides users with a superior and proficient 24X7 assistance.