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How to get the best car insurance discounts?

My friend just left me after an hour of tantrums about his new phone. He bought it on an online website this festive season at a throw away price of Rs.6000 which I bought for Rs.15000 a month ago. I…

My friend just left me after an hour of tantrums about his new phone. He bought it on an online website this festive season at a throw away price of Rs.6000 which I bought for Rs.15000 a month ago. I immediately needed a cold wave for the heat I generated due to jealousy on him. Keeping my emotions apart, I have to admit his smartness for booking the mobile at such a stunning price. It is very known that web discounts are not available for all the customers specially the flash sales and the coupon redeemable concessions. One needs to be really quick to grab these special deals and to be one among the lucky customers. I couldn’t be one, but I want to be the one who can seal a deal with minimal price. Though I don’t have to buy a phone again, I should focus on getting the best possible price for anything I will be buying in future. The nearest purchase would be an insurance policy! So, I should acquire knowledge on how to get the best discount car insurance!!

I have met one of my friends who is an insurance agent to know about the cheapest insurance along with the best car insurance discounts and it was worth meeting him. Let me share my knowledge with all of you in this regard! Many insurance companies throw discount baits to attract policy buyers. The right amount of car insurance bought would ensure savings even before you buy your insurance. But the important thing is that you need to know how much car insurance you may require. Insurers take into consideration your age to set the insurance premium as it depends on your age, existing health complaints and risk factors which are probable to go for a claim. Although you can’t amend your age, it lets you take an advantage in the form of a discount if you are young enough without any ailments. Similarly, the lower your previous claims are, the higher the discount would be on your next policy.

Choose a Smart Plan

Buying an insurance plan is directly proportionate to your monthly budget as the higher your budget, a comprehensive plan you will be able to buy. Similarly, the driving history and skills influence the price of your policy. Therefore, you need to ascertain the features and coverage you want from a car insurance policy. You should be able to choose over a wide coverage in comparison to a cheap plan. Remember, a plan may be cheap now but may cost you dearly when the actual need arises. So, even if you spend more currently for a better policy with wide coverage, you can consider it as a discount on your vehicle insurance policy. A car insurance comparison tool may help you determine a good policy for you.

Cheap is Not the Mantra Always

In an attempt to buy the most economic car insurance policy, people end up buying the cheapest policy without a comprehensive coverage. But looking for affordability may increase your risk of higher payment in the need of the hour. Foresight is more important to get the best discount car insurance rather than finding the cheapest one.

Go for a Reputed Insurance Company

Experts always suggest the new policy buyers to make a list of the available insurance companies and their plans with in your pocket. It will be further easier to shortlist a couple of final insurers. On the basis of the company’s reputation, claim settlement ration and its financial status, you can narrow down your search and choose the best company. It is important to know about the claim settlement ration as you may require claiming at some time or the other in future. The company with a higher claim settlement ration is undoubtedly a best pick.

Deductibles are not to be Neglected

Deductibles always inversely proportional to your insurance premium. To simplify, any policy with lesser deductibles attract higher premium amounts. As per the conventional thinking of choosing a policy with high deductibles in order to save premiums, experts opine that it is not a good idea as you end up paying from your own wallet when a need arises to file an insurance claim tomorrow.

Find a Good Helping Resource

A knowledge bank on an online portal or a good insurance agent may help you with the right information on saving some bucks on your policy. A wise advice may help you for years in saving money. The high competition amongst insurance companies makes them play tricky ads to attract buyers and the prospective buyers may ignore crucial soft points due to lack of knowledge. A broker also may be a valid resource as he does not work on behalf of a particular company and hence suggests the best policy without bias as an answer to your question of how to get the best car insurance discounts?

With this information, I hope many of you can save hugely on your pockets and do not be ignorant as I was when I bought my mobile for a whopping price. Else, you will be in my place fuming with jealousy on your friends who are smart enough to acquire a good insurance plan with a comprehensive coverage. Remember, “early birds get quick worms”!!

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