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Is my car insured? How to check your car insurance?

At times, we skip important things which need to be done on a priority basis and we remember it at crucial times when we exactly need it. One such thing is insurance and ‘Is my car insured’ is the…

At times, we skip important things which need to be done on a priority basis and we remember it at crucial times when we exactly need it. One such thing is insurance and ‘Is my car insured’ is the common question arises when we hit someone or vice-versa!! If not insured, we may end up paying huge price for a small negligence. It is a very minimal price in comparison to the car price to safeguard the vehicle from unexpected disasters. However, as the popular saying says it is better late than never, it’s time for everyone who owns a car to check whether their vehicle is insured or not! But how is it possible to know if the car is insured or not. How to check your car insurance? Many may wonder how one cannot know the insurance status of their car. The answer is ‘it happens’!! Even if you know that your car is insured, you may not be up to the benefits of the policy or its coverage!

The question ‘Is my car insured?’ is probably asked when you are not sure about whether the previous owner had valid car insurance policy or not, in case of a used car, or Is the car insurance transferable? Well, the answer is Yes! You must be aware of the fact that Car insurance is transferable with its sale. So, if you are buying a used car, you can always ask for its insurance policy as well from the previous owner.

In case of new car, few automobile dealers offer a basic insurance also known as drive away insurance, for a new car and this will cover your vehicle only for a limited period say for about a fortnight or a month till you purchase the actual insurance.

How to check your car insurance?

  • The simplest way of getting the insurance details of your car is to run the car’s number plate on the automobile insurance data base and that’s it. However, if you haven’t deliberately bought an insurance policy for your vehicle, the chances are higher that you might not have got it insured.
  • The thumb rule is that if your car has insurance, it demands premiums in regular intervals. If you are not asked to pay any insurance premium, it is much likely that your vehicle might not have insurance. And this is the answer to your question ‘Is my car insured!’
  • There are even possibilities that you have purchased insurance for your car at the time of purchasing your car, but you are not sure whether your car is still covered under that policy. Sometimes, it is possible that the policy renews automatically. Majority of the insurers notify you with a message and renew your policy automatically if you don’t take an initiative. If this is the case, you might want to check for the policy for coverage. The simple way to get informed on this is to contact the insurance company from which you bought the policy.
  • The other way is to check your bank statements to make sure whether any charges have been levied by the insurance company in the past one year. This is the perfect way of getting an answer to your question ‘Is my car insured’!! The majority of the insurance company websites offer an exclusive tab “vehicle insurance status search” for the convenience of their clients.

The advent of online portals has simplified the insurance activities as you can purchase a policy online or pay its due premium online that too with a reminder. You don’t even have to remember the date on which you need to pay the premium. You can compare your policy with other policies and the new inclusions. The websites even offer a conversion with the payment of additional price. They keep updating you about the new trends in the automobile insurance industry to create awareness. So, why not we use such informative websites to get our vehicles insured? Make the most of technology to pay a small attention to your well- being. A little time spent to get your driving hours secured is worth paying attention for all the insurance benefits you get when an unfortunate incident occurs. Investing money for a cause that is not benefitting you currently seems waste but remember, it can save you lots of money and your peace of mind will be intact. Had you done this, you need not to ask yourself ‘Is my car insured?!’

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