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Steps To Avoid Car Insurance Claim Rejection

You buy car insurance because it is compulsory under the law and for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the insurance company will take care of things in the event of an…

You buy car insurance because it is compulsory under the law and for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the insurance company will take care of things in the event of an accident, theft and so on. Hence, when things go wrong, the rejection of your claim is the last thing you want! How can you avoid car insurance claim rejection? How can you ensure that the insurance company will pay your claim?

Choose the right policy and riders:

Comprehensive insurance offers greater protection than third party vehicle insurance. The more riders one opts for, the better is the coverage. Ensure that you choose riders that you need according to your age, lifestyle, family size, type of job, driving habits.

Read the fine print:

The insurance policy will have a set of exclusions; events not covered by the policy. It will also have terms and conditions that specify the circumstances, actions and omissions that entitle an insurance company to reject a claim. Thoroughly read the policy to know about these, call up the insurance company to understand any unfamiliar words and clarify ambiguity of terms. It is best not to have any nasty surprises later while filing a claim.

Make full disclosure:

When buying car insurance, the policy buyer has to make full and accurate disclosure of all relevant personal and vehicle details. Never give false or incomplete details at the time of buying a policy, renewing it or at the time of making a claim.

Make a claim promptly:

If there is an accident or breakdown covered by the policy, make a claim without any delay. Take plenty of pictures or a video if possible to record what happened and then make the claim in the manner and within the specified time to avoid car insurance claim rejection.

Keep your license up to date:

Driving without a license or driving with an expired license could be a valid reason for a car insurance company to reject a claim. If your license has been suspended or impounded for any reason, do not drive. Never permit your vehicle to be driven by a person without a valid, current license.

Do not use a private car for commercial purposes:

Personal car insurance is different from policies issued for commercial vehicles. To avoid car insurance claim rejection, ensure that a private vehicle is not used for commercial purposes. If one has bought a personal policy and is then using their vehicle as a taxi or for any other commercial use, the insurance company would be within its rights to refuse a claim.

Avoid two wheeler insurance claim rejection:

Keep the two-wheeler in good repair, don’t carry more than one person on the pillion, wear a helmet and ensure that your rear view mirrors are functional. The same steps you take to avoid rejection of a car claim are relevant for two wheeler insurance as well.

Never drive drunk:

Driving under the influence of alcohol is not only dangerous, it is illegal. It is also a sure way to have a vehicle insurance claim rejected. Make sure you don’t permit a drunk person to operate your vehicle either.

Renew on time:

Do not allow your policy to lapse. Renew it on time; get uninterrupted protection under the policy as well as other benefits.

Other ways to avoid car insurance claim rejection:

When buying a pre-owned car ensure that you get the registration as well as the insurance policy transferred to your name. Do not have your car repaired without informing your insurance company and try to avoid using unauthorized workshops.  It is more advisable to use a network garage /workshop which are insurer approved; where convenient cashless facilities may also be available. It is also important not to make any major modifications or to install a CNG kit to the car without giving notice to the insurance company and/or appropriate authority.

Remember it is the job of the insurance companies to maximize their profits by closely scrutinizing all claims and rejecting invalid, fraudulent or frivolous claims. Ensure that you as a well informed and knowledgeable policyholder can avoid car insurance claim rejection and get full benefit of the insurance policy you paid for.

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