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How Useful Are Add Ons For Car Insurance | RenewBuy

There is no doubt that owning a car of our own reduces our travelling expenditure. But it is equally important that the treasured asset is insured against any third-party liabilities, accidents, and thefts. A good car insurance offers complete protection to all the issues faced by a self-owned car.

With an understanding of security and tie up with great partners, the car insurances and motor insurance add-ons promise to give the widest protection that a car needs. Right from third party liabilities to the expenditure in case of an unfortunate incident, the car insurances cover it all. But how useful are add-ons for car insurance is a question of concern? We look at a few popular add-ons and see if it is worth your money:

  • Roadside Assistance Cover:

    This is one of most important add ons, that some insurance companies offer it as a part of the base policy. Especially if a woman or a senior citizen is driving the car, it should be included. Starting at 60 paise a day, the add on covers all road side assistance help like changing flat tyres, filling empty fuel tanks, battery breakdown, or fetching of duplicate keys if you locked the keys inside.


  • Zero Depreciation:

    A standard insurance policy will reimburse only the depreciated value of the car parts damaged. The depreciated value is usually deducted from the claim. This does not become evident in small cars, but when it comes to bigger cars worth a few lakhs, the cost of a new part can be high so having zero depreciation add on cover becomes necessary to reimburse the full value of the part.


  • Personal Accident Cover:

    With ever increasing traffic, reckless driving and use of mobile phones, accidents have become a common thing now, and not entirely because of our mistakes. Personal Accident Cover provides compensation to passengers in case of death or disability caused by an accident. One can avail this add-on cover either in form of an individual or as a group policy.


  • Engine Protect add on cover:

    If you see, most of the insurances do not cover the damage caused to the engine due to wear and tear or other careless wrong doings. If you park the car in a water-logged area and try to start the ignition, there is a high probability that the engine won’t This will be because of water penetrating the engine parts. When such a situation arises an Engine Protect add on cover will be an ideal purchase, rather than spending up to lakhs of rupees on engine repairs.

With the understanding that the needs and requirements of each customer are varied and unique, car insurances and motor insurance add ons have a diverse range of customer centric policies to cater to these exclusive requirements. Rest assured these add ons will succeed in giving you 100% peace of mind, irrespective of the destination you are headed to.