Corona Kavach Policy

Corona Kavach is a healthcare plan introduced to shield individuals and families from Covid-19 rising medical expenditures. An indemnity-based health insurance coverage is used to pay for hospital…

Corona Kavach is a healthcare plan introduced to shield individuals and families from Covid-19 rising medical expenditures. An indemnity-based health insurance coverage is used to pay for hospital stays and other relevant medical costs associated with Covid-19 treatment.

Amidst the rising cases of Covid-19, the misfortune of contracting the virus is highly possible, which is why IRDAI has introduced the Corona Kavach Insurance Plan at a minimal premium to offer coverage to those who lack health insurance of any type.

What is Corona Kavach Policy?

The insurance policy launched on July 12th, 2020, is available from both general and health insurers. This insurance, based on short-term indemnification, safeguards individuals and families. The health insurance plan intends to protect the insured for homecare, AYUSH, pre-hospitalization, and post-hospitalization fees. Comprehensive coverage and timely, high-quality medical care are promised.

Key Features of Corona Kavach Policy

The novel Coronavirus has wrapped itself all around the globe, especially in India. With waves after waves hitting the country, the relevance of the Corona Kavach Policy has also risen. The healthcare plan has some key benefits, so let’s examine them.




Because there is no option for renewal, you must pay the payment just once.


Gloves, PPE kits, and masks are covered.

Policy Term

3.5 months, 6.5 months, 9.5 months

Age criteria

18 - 65 years


Indemnity-based Healthcare plan (Based on hospitalisation)

Plan Term

The Family Floater plan covers you, two dependent children ages 1 to 25 years), your spouse, and your parents.




The minimum and maximum coverage amounts are Rs 50,000 and Rs 5 lakh, respectively.

Room Rent

No cap

Waiting period

15 days from the health policy initiation

Tax exemption

Section 80D qualifies. Tax advantages will be subject to India's current tax rules.

Benefits of Buying Corona Kavach Policy Online

The world is fighting a health emergency leading to more medical bills. To fight Corona, the Corona Kavach Policy is the best way to ensure financial security. Here are some of the advantages of Corona Kavach insurance.

  • Short Waiting Time: Because the waiting period for the Corona Kavach Policy is only 15 days, the insured can begin using the policy benefits more quickly.
  • Optional Hospital Daily Cash Coverage: Hospital Daily Cash Coverage is an optional benefit that may be added to the health insurance plan by paying an additional premium as needed. With this insurance, the policyholder can receive a cash reward equal to 0.5 per cent of the insured amount for each completed day of nonstop hospitalisation lasting up to 15 days.
  • Ambulance Charges: Costs for road ambulances are limited to INR 2000 for each hospitalisation.
  • Tax Benefits: The policyholder may receive tax benefits on the amount they paid for this health insurance in obedience to Section 80D of the Income Tax Act of 1961. It should be noted that the benefit is available regardless of how the premium is paid—other than in cash.
  • Single Payment: Unlike traditional health insurance plans premium, the policyholder must pay the amount just once to be insured under the Corona Kavach Policy. This is to ensure simplicity.

Eligibility Criteria Under Corona Kavach Policy

The age criteria to buy Corona Kavach Plan, are mentioned below:




1 day - 25 years


18-65 years

Terms of the policy are three and a half months, six and a half months, and nine and a half months. It includes a waiting time of 15 days.

Coverage Benefits Under Corona Kavach Policy

Before purchasing the coverage, it is critical to review the inclusions to make an educated decision. The policy contains a list of inclusions that we will discuss now.

  • AYUSH Treatment: The abbreviation AYUSH stands for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy. This health insurance coverage covers treatment for COVID-19 up to the insured sum under the policy.
  • Hospitalization Expenses: Any hospitalisation expense incurred regarding the treatment is covered in this indemnity-based healthcare plan.
  • Ambulance Expenses: In a COVID-19-related emergency, the insured's road ambulance transportation costs of up to INR 2,000 are covered by the Corona Kavach Policy.
  • Pre & post Cost of Hospitalization: The coverage covers medical expenditures, including consultation fees and the cost of the Covid-19 diagnostic test, for 15 days before and 30 days following hospitalisation or home care.
  • Home-Care Coverage: The Covid-19 home care therapy is covered by the Corona kavach policy insurance for up to 14 days if a doctor advises. The coverage also covers medication costs, medical visits, etc.
  • Room Rent Charges: If choosing a single room while hospitalised, there is no limit on the room rental cost.
  • No Deductible: The range of the insured amount is from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. There aren't any deductibles, though.

Exclusions Under Corona Kavach Policy

Although the Corona Kavach Policy covers a lot, there are also some exclusions. The healthcare plan won’t cover the following:

  • Investigation and Assessment: Any therapy carried out primarily for diagnostic and evaluative reasons is not covered for the insured. Additionally, it does not pay for any diagnostic costs that are not incidental to or connected to the existing diagnosis and course of treatment.
  • Hospital Stays of Less than 24 hours: Less than a 24-hour hospital stay is not covered by the Corona Kavach Policy.
  • Unprescribed medicines: The costs associated with purchasing medications not prescribed by a doctor are not included.
  • Vaccination Expenses: The coverage will cover no vaccination or preventative care costs.
  • Testing at an Unapproved Hospital: Claim for Coronavirus before policy beginning is not covered, nor is hospitalisation for fewer than 24 hours. Furthermore, the resulting claim will be denied if the testing is performed at an unlicensed hospital or health centre.
  • Outside India Medication: Diagnostic testing or Covid-19 therapy administered outside India is not covered under the health plan.

Online Buying Process of Corona Kavach Policy

To buy this health insurance policy, you can follow the easy steps outlined below:

Step 1: Visit the Insurance Provider’s official website.

Step 2: Move to the “Health Insurance” tab.

Step 3: Enter information such as your name, telephone number, and gender.

Step 4: Select the Corona Kavach Plan, including the family members, if you wish to.

Step 5: Tap on submit to see the insurance quotes.

Step 6: On the screen, the plans from various insurance companies will be presented. Choose the one you want to buy.

Step 7: Make the payment and the documents will be sent to your given email address.

Buying Process via D2C Insurance Broking Private Limited (“Renewbuy”)

Step 1: Visit the official website of

Step 2: Move to the “Health Insurance” tab.

Step 3: Finish off the form on the succeeding page.

Step 4: Search for the Corona Kavach Plan.

Step 5: Select the "Buy Now" option.

Step 6: The policy papers will be emailed to your given email address after making an online payment.

Claim Filing Process Under Corona Kavach Policy

The Corona Kavach Policy's whole claim procedure is identical to a standard health insurance plan. The policy can be used for reimbursement or as a cashless benefit. The following steps in the claim process:

Step 1: When a claim arises, notify the health insurance provider. The claim beginning window is 72 hours for scheduled hospitalisations and 24 hours for emergency hospitalisations.

Step 2: Under cashless claims, a pre-authorisation letter must be filed to the insurance company in order to obtain cashless claim approval. Regarding reimbursement possibilities, the policyholder pays the hospital charges out of pocket and then registers for the claim.

Step 3: Following claim approval, the health insurance company will instantly pay the hospital bills or refund the costs up to an allowable limit.

Renewal of Corona Kavach Policy

The renewal would be subject to the insurer's underwriting policy.

If the amount insured is raised, the waiting time will begin new only for the increased percentage of the sum covered, according to the insurer.

The policy must be renewed before the existing policy contract ends. There will be no additional 15-day waiting time for policyholders who seek to renew their health plans. Customers profited from the regulator's decision to enable policyholders to increase or decrease the sum covered.


Question: - Where can I obtain the details about the Corona Kavach Policy in its entirety?

Answer: - The IRDAI website's guidelines, published with complete policy information, are available. You may get information at the following URL.

Question: - Is there a way to buy Corona Kavach Policy online?

Answer: - We advise you to purchase this health plan online since it is the quickest and most convenient way.

Question: - Can I purchase health insurance for the treatment of Covid-19?

Answer: - Corona-specific health insurance policies like Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak Health Insurance Policy have received approval from IRDAI. All health insurance providers must provide these plans per the regulator's mandate. While these plans' features are uniform across the industry, insurers charge different premiums.

Question: - What is the Corona Kavach entry age requirement?

Answer: - The minimum admission age requirement is 18 years old, while the maximum entry age is 65 years old for adults and 25 years old for children.

Question: - Does the Corona Kavach health insurance coverage pay for hospital or home quarantine costs?

Answer: - After discovering that an insured person has the coronavirus, this coverage will pay for hospitalisation costs or home care treatment costs. Therefore, only quarantine costs won't be paid.

Question: - Is a discount for healthcare employees mandated under the Corona Kavach Plan?

Answer: - Yes. A 5 per cent premium reduction is available to all healthcare professionals as stated under the Corona Kavach policy.

Question: - How is a Covid 19 claim for a policyholder with comorbidities processed?

Answer: - In accordance with the insurance's terms and conditions, the claim for the novel coronavirus will be handled while taking into account the costs associated with the condition's treatment as well as any comorbidities that may arise.

Question: - Does the Corona Kavach Policy cover pre-existing conditions?

Answer: - Any Covid 19 claim diagnosed before the coverage's start date will not be acceptable. However, the coverage pays for treating any comorbid disorders, including pre-existing diseases, while Covid 19 is being treated.

Question: - What options are there for Corona Kavach Plan’s sum Insured?

Answer: - The available sum insured ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 5,00,00. The consumer may select any insurance sum up to these maximums in multiples of INR 50,000.

Question: - Are daycare services and OPD treatments covered?

Answer: - No, the Policy does not cover daycare or OPD treatments.

Question: - Is corona kavach policy cashless?

Answer: - A cashless facility is only offered at Network Hospitals through TPA.


Disclaimer: The information published in this article is for the reader′s reference only. The content of this information is to provide an overview of your health insurance needs and should not be relied upon for personal, medical, legal, or financial decisions; you should consult an appropriate professional for specific advice. The Company makes no representations about the suitability, reliability, timeliness, and accuracy of the information, services, or any other items mentioned on this subject for any purpose whatsoever.



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