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Don't Try These 10 Things You Will Lose Your Driving License

Don't Try These 10 Things You Will Lose Your Driving License The motor vehicle Act 1988 has laid down many rules and regulations that a person needs to follow while driving a vehicle on public roads…

Don't Try These 10 Things You Will Lose Your Driving License

The motor vehicle Act 1988 has laid down many rules and regulations that a person needs to follow while driving a vehicle on public roads. Following these motor vehicle rules while driving is not only legally important, but also for ensuring one’s safety on the road. With time, there have been many changes and amendments carried out by the Motor Vehicle Department in this 30-year-old Act. With every amendment, there have been revisions and modifications in traffic rules too. Every driving license holder should acquaint himself/herself with the traffic rules before setting his/her hands on the gear.

Listed below are 10 different ways as laid down in the new motor vehicle act, which might make you lose your driving license:


Lane Splitting while Driving on High-Speed Zone-

The issue of lane splitting is seen in highest numbers in metro cities. People are always in a rush to reach their destination making them frequently split lanes to be on the fastest moving lane. This is mostly done by two-wheeler riders taking advantage of their small-sized vehicles. This results in a number of road accidents. Cutting through the lanes is allowed in a low-speed zone. However, resorting to this action in a higher speed zone might lead to the cancellation of your license.


Playing Loud Music-

The idea of roaming around in the car whilst playing loud music sounds fun but not when it could make you lose your driving license. So, playing loud music while driving is a big no. Enjoy your music at a moderate sound which should not bother fellow travellers on road. This will not only save you from losing your license but also from the possibilities of road accidents.


Using Pressure Horns or Multi-Toned Horns-

Many people have the craze of modifying their vehicles’ horns with pressure horns or multi-toned horns. Little do they realize is that they are a huge source of noise pollution besides creating disturbance to fellow travelers on the road. As per RTO rules, using such horns is an offense and makes your vehicle illegal for driving on road. If you are thinking of using such horns then you better drop the idea as this could make you lose your driving license besides confinement of your vehicle.


Not giving Way to Ambulances

Besides being a traffic rule, giving way to ambulances is our moral duty. So it is always advisable to give way to an ambulance moving behind you. However, if you do not do so, there are very high possibilities that you are under surveillance. And much before you know, you will be handed over a challan with an order for seizing of your license.


Using Phone Other Than for Navigation-

Using your phone is strictly prohibited while driving except when you are using it for navigation. You are advised to switch on your navigation app and place with somewhere to be able to view the directions. Using your phone for any other purpose could land you into trouble.


Talking on Your Phone via Bluetooth or Otherwise-

You are not allowed to talk on your phone while driving. Many people use Bluetooth devices for phone conversation while driving. Talking on the phone while driving is a major cause of accidents worldwide. So not using your phones will not only save you from accidents but also save your license from getting suspended.


Racing on Public Roads-

For all those adrenaline junkies who treat public roads as their racing track, if you are caught racing on public roads you are in for a whole lot of trouble. Besides being fined with a hefty amount, your license might also be taken away by the Authorities.


Intoxicated Driving-

As per the motor vehicle act 1988, driving while drinking or intoxicated is a strict no in any circumstance. Besides losing your license, you might lose your life too. Always make sure to use public transport or private cab services if you are too intoxicated.


Crossing Prescribed Speed Limit-

On many public lanes, the speed limit is specified by the Road Authorities. You are advised to drive within that speed limit and not cross that under any circumstance. If you happen to cross the recommended speed for any reason, you might lose your driving license.      


Skipping Zebra Crossing-

Zebra crossing marks are made on the road to help pedestrians cross a busy road full of vehicles. Every time you cross a zebra crossing while driving, it is your duty to stop your car and let the pedestrians pass by. If you are caught skipping a zebra crossing by the traffic police, there are high chances that your license might get suspended.


Driving on the Footpath

Footpath clearly suggests that it is meant only to walk. It is a threat to fellow pedestrians. In India, we find two wheelers drivers often riding on it to avoid traffic. Which is dangerous and illegal. This practice may tend to get your license being revoked.

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