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Driving License Online Apply: Apply for Driving License

How to Apply for Driving License Online

The first thing that every bike and car owner needs to take note of is the fact that driving a motor vehicle in a public place without a valid driving license is a punishable offence. Thankfully, we no longer live in the era when the only way to get you driving license was to apply for it from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) which was indeed time-consuming and not a preferable option indeed. The procedure for application of driving license online is fast easy which is better than waiting in the long queue in the RTO office. A little information about how to apply for driving license online can save us our precious time and efforts.

In this article, we learn about every nook and cranny of applying for Indian driving license online and driving license details. It is a complete guideline on how to apply for driving license online.

Procedure to Submit your Application for Driving License Online

Here is the complete procedure for applicants who are unsure about how to apply for driving license online. Applicants for driving license need to visit Sarathi, the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and complete the application procedure for driving license. Follow these steps given below and mention the driving license details to submit your driving license application form online:

  • Visit Sarathi website, the website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and look to the left-hand side of the screen to find the option “Driving License”.
  • From the drop-down options, click on the “Apply Online” button and select “New Driving License” option. Clicking the option the applicant shall come in terms with the instructions for the submission of the application form. The applicant must read those instructions carefully and “continue” to proceed further with the driving license online application.
  • Next, the applicant has to declare their driving license details and if they hold a learner’s driving license number or Foreign Driving License Number or Defense License by ticking the appropriate boxes.
  • Enter your Date of Birth and click the OK button.
  • Having provided information on the Date of birth, the applicant has to fill in every personal detail required such as the applicant’s name, age and address.
  • The applicant for the driving license has to upload the necessary documents supporting his/her application such as age proof, address and identity proof etc. The application also has to upload a passport sized photograph and a scanned copy of his/her signature.
  • Next, the applicant shall be asked to choose the date and timing for the appointment for driving license. The applicant may choose a date and time according to his/her convenience.
  • The last step of applying for a driving license online is to make the payment as the applicant is redirected to the payment page. As payment for the submission of the application form is made, the form is sent directly to the RTO for the Indian driving license.

The applicant may check the status of driving license application with the help of the Web Application Number which appears on screen on submission of the form.

Application Number Search

To get the driving license application number, the applicant has to visit the Sarathi website and choose the state that he/she resides in from the drop down which appears on clicking the “Select State Name” button. Click the “RTO Name” and choose the RTO name from the dropdown. The applicant has to enter his/her first, middle and last name along with the date of birth before clicking the submit button.

Documents required to be submitted for Driving License (DL)

The applicant has to attach supporting documents along with the application form when applying for driving license online. The documents required to be attached with the online application form for a driving license are as follows:

  • Learner’s License
  • Address proof which may include documents like ration card, voter ID card, life insurance policy, utility bills, passport, payslip issued by Central or State Government.
  • Age proof which may include PAN card, Birth Certificate, voter’s ID, Passport or school matriculation certificate.
  • Passport sized photograph
  • Driving School Certificate
  • Documents related to the vehicle to be used for the driving test for the driving license.

Why should you apply for Driving License (DL) Online

Today that internet is widely accessible and is a fix to everything; people are shifting largely to online services to get their work done without having to move an inch. The procedure for applying for a driving license is rather a tedious task as it might require the applicant to be physically present at the RTO office, queuing up for most of the day just to submit a single application form for the driving license. Therefore, it is wise to know how to apply for driving license online as it saves time and energy of the applicant.

Fees for Driving License and Driving License online

Every applicant has to get a Learner’s license initially before he/she can apply for a driving license even if it is driving license online. The fees for driving license and driving license online and learner’s license are as follows:

Type of Vehicle

Fees in Rupees (Revised- January 2018)

Learner’s License


Driving License


Driving License for commercial vehicles


International Driving License


DL Renewal


LL Renewal


This is the complete guideline on how to apply for driving license online. Make an online application for Indian driving license in the fastest and easiest way possible.

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