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How to Apply for Learning Driving License

A valid Driving License is a legal requirement for driving a motor vehicle in India. A driver's license is issued by the competent authority of any State/Union territory and is valid throughout the Indian Union.

Any person who wishes to drive a motor vehicle has to first obtain a learner's license for the purpose of learning. This is a temporary licence valid for up to 6 months only. Thereafter, one needs to clear a driving test to obtain a permanent license.

Eligibility for Learner’s Licence

Learning License Age

  • For driving a vehicle With Gear: 18 years
  • For driving a vehicle Without Gear: 16 year

Conversant with Traffic rules & regulations

Documents Required for Learning Driving Licence

  • 3 copies of applicant’s recent passport size photograph
  • Proof of residence (Any one of the below - Original and 1 self-attested photocopy)
  • Voter ID
  • Life Insurance Policy
  • Passport
  • Electricity/Water/Telephone Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Adhar Card
  • Income Tax Returns
  • Proof of Age (Any of these – Original and 1 self-attested photocopy)
    • Birth Certificate
    • School Certificate
    • Passport
    • PAN Card
    • Proof of Citizenship

Learning License Fees

Rs.30 (for Normal Category) to Rs.90 depending on the Category.

The applicant has to go in person to the nearest Transport Zonal Office as per his/her address details along with the above-mentioned essentials.

How to Get Learning Licence

  • Applicant needs to fill the following forms –
    • Application-Cum-Declaration for Physical Fitness
    • Form Of Application For The Grant Or Renewal Of Leaner's Licence
  • He/she has to get the original documents and forms verified by the authority.
  • Applicant needs to sit for the Learner Test:
    • Test includes 10 multiple objective type questions
    • Duration: 10 minutes
    • Topics: Road signs, Traffic rules & Regulations
    • Minimum marks to qualify: 6

On qualifying the Learner Computerised Test, the applicant is issued a Learning License by the concerned authority.  Thereafter, the learner can drive a motor of the same category (as applied) with a person who has been issued a permanent license. The learner must use a red coloured alphabet “L” on his/her vehicle to ensure safety for pedestrians.

In case the applicant is unable to quality, he/she can take up the test again after a period of 7 days. The learner can apply for a permanent license after a minimum of 30 days from the date of issuing learning license.

Once you have your permanent driving license, always remember to follow the traffic rules. Drive carefully and remember to renew motor vehicle insurance online or by meeting the insurance agent in person.  Happy Driving!

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