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Drivers License Renewal: Renew Drivers License Online

How to renew driver’s license online? I still remember the day I was issued a license by the government authorities as I was on cloud nine for having got the first of my identity proofs. Getting an…

How to renew driver’s license online?

I still remember the day I was issued a license by the government authorities as I was on cloud nine for having got the first of my identity proofs. Getting an identity proof was just not the reason as it was a big hurdle to pass the theoretical and practical tests. A couple of my friends accompanied me for seeking a driving license I was the only one who got through and this was apparently one of the other reasons for my happiness. The tricky online test and the irregular path to be driven along with a steep u-turn were not less than a rat race to me. But I accomplished it at the end of the day. Reminiscing the whole process threats me to go for a driver’s license renewal, but I was happy when I knew that I don’t have to go through all over it again as we can get the job done online sitting at home.

I wish there is no expiry to my drivers’ license, but government does not agree onto this and penalizes you for not renewing it on an expiry. It is made mandatory by the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 to hold a valid driving license to drive a vehicle on Indian roads. Peoples’ abilities don’t stay intact with passing time as one can develop vision issues or acquire new illnesses which permit them to lose control on themselves. So, renewing a license not only suffices the government’s requisite but also keeps you safe. But the fact is that you don’t have to strive hard to renew drivers’ license online. It is a simple user- friendly process that doesn’t take much of your time.

How to renew driver's license?

A driving license renewal form duly filled along with a set of the necessary documents is a pre-requisite for license renewal which needs to be submitted to the Assistant R.T.O. of the state’s driving license branch. You can get your driving license renewed for a period of 5 years if it is meant for a non-transport vehicle and for a period of 3 years if it is a transport vehicle’s renewal. Things have become much simpler than the yesteryears that anyone can get a license the same day if it is sought from the same station. However, it may take up to 20 days once the application is submitted in some special scenarios as it takes long time for the verification and communication process.

What does the driving license renewal form consist of?

As far as the Road Transport authorities are concerned, a driving license renewal form is considered as a KYC (know your customer) document while a vehicle owner approaches them for renewing license. The body needs to understand the information furnished in the current license to process for the new one. The license renewal seekers can simply download this user- friendly application form the RTO’s website or they can even get a paper copy from the local office of the Road from Transport authorities.

An application form similar to the Form 9 is widely used for the renewal of Driving License which is a simple document containing few queries for gathering information of the applicant. Apparently, majority of this information concerns the license seeker’s current Driving License with a slot for due signatures and authentication requirements. Once filled up, this form must be continued with the attachment of the necessary documents before the renewal begin. People who want to renew license online have step wise guidance in the website.

Documents necessary to Renew Driver’s License online:

  •  Driver’s license renewal application form downloaded from the state's RTO/RTA portal duly filled and signed.
  • Permanent driving license
  • A copy of PAN card or a passport or a voter ID card, has to be furnished as a proof of age.
  • Medical certificate of the applicant attested by a registered physician is a mandate. This form can be downloaded from the RTO/RTA website to renew drivers’ license online.
  • Applicant’s latest Passport size photographs
  • Address proof or residence proof is required along with the driving license renewal form and a driving license, passport, phone bill, electricity bill or a lease agreement should suffice the requirement.
  • If there is an address change of the license holder from the actual address mentioned on the permanent license, address change application has to be submitted first. Additionally, a license holder from a different state has to submit a No Objection Certificate issued by the RTO/RTA of the original state.

Submit digit copies of all the above-mentioned documents on the RTO site to seek a driving license renewal. The processing takes either single day or 20 days depending on the situation as cited above. Ignorance is not appreciated when it comes to renewing of driving license as it attracts unnecessary penalties.

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