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Know About Unified Driving Licence & Vehicle Registration Norm 2019

Know About Unified Driving License & Vehicle Registration Norm 2019

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways have come up with a proposition to issue unified driving licence to all vehicle drivers across India. This new proposed idea is an effort to create a central and unified online database pertaining all information related to vehicles and drivers.

Till today, all the states and union territories in India are issuing driving license and vehicle registration cards as per their own format. This diverse or non-standard proforma of the documents was creating hinderance and confusion for the government ministry and traffic police. As per the report of Times of India 25% of the Indians are holding more than ‘ONE’ Driving License in their name. While on the other hand, the government has not made it compulsory to link their driving license to Aadhaar Card. So, it has become very difficult for the traffic police and the government to keep a tab on such duplication. So, to curb such duplication the ministry of Road Transport and Highways is putting effort on introducing Unified Driving Licence and Vehicle Registration Card to all Indians across all states and union territories.

For this the ministry has proposed to bring this change into effect from 1st October 2019. The revised norms suggested by the ministry states that all the processes and documents related to issuance of driving license and vehicle registration card shall have a uniform proforma across the entire country i.e. all the states and union territories shall issue standard documents that have similar appearance and security features. 

What are the suggested changes regarding Unified Driving License?

All the newly issued Driving License issued by the RTOs will have new security feature embedded into it. Not only security features is the new addition but even the resemblance of the driving license shall have a standard appearance i.e. they shall appear same, shall have same format, shall have same colour, have same design and same security features.

As a part of security all the newly issued driving license shall have an in-built microchip similar to mobile phone SIM card and a QR code. This feature is introduced to increase the safety of the driving license.

Apart from the safety features the driving license shall exhibit the details of the driving licence holder in a uniform manner. The details shall include the national and state emblems, name of the issuing RTO, details like license issue date, details of validity of Driving License, Personal Details like: Name of the Driving License holder, Date of Birth, Blood Group, Organ Donor, Address etc.

Reports suggest that the embedded microchip installed in the driving license shall use the NFC feature (near-field communication) which shall enable the traffic police to access the details of the driving license holder easily. This new smart unified driving license shall also print emergency contact details on the reverse side of the driving license.

These changes are not only just for new license or learners driving license but shall also be effective for all renewed license. While, in case of the vehicle registration, the card shall possess details of the vehicles as per the new BS-VI norms. The new vehicle registration card shall exhibit details like vehicle type, fuel type, Chassis Number, details related to emission and details of the vehicle owner like the driving license number, validity details of the new RC etc. The new vehicle registration card will also include the microchip on the face of the card while QR code on the reverse side.

Thus, in this manner this new effort of ‘Single Person, Single Driving Licence’ by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway is a step ahead to remove the redundant and duplicate data from the existing database as having more than one Driving License is illegal.

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