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Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance – 24×7 RSA Cover

Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance – 24×7 RSA Cover What is Roadside Assistance? Roadside Assistance is an add-on that can provide benefits along with your comprehensive car insurance policy.…

Roadside Assistance in Car Insurance – 24×7 RSA Cover

What is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside Assistance is an add-on that can provide benefits along with your comprehensive car insurance policy. This add-on offers support in case you face some car-related issues when you are driving. This add-on is available at significant insurance provider companies in both offline and online mediums.

How Roadside Assistance Works?

In case of any car-related emergency, you can call your insurer to ask for help. The insurer immediately sends the crew to your location. The services are free of cost, except for some instances where the policyholder needs to pay for the repair cost. Some insurance companies also provide cab assistance or hotel accommodation in extreme situations.

What is Covered in an RSA Cover?

The coverage offered by RSA can vary according to the insurance companies. Different insurers provide different variants of RSA. Some might have more inclusions as compared to the others. The cost of the add-on can vary as well. Go through the websites of the insurers and analyze the information for more details. Listed below are some inclusions that are popular in RSA.

1) Flat Tyre: This can happen anywhere at any time of the day. One of the most common issues faced by car owners is when there is no spare tyre or do not know how to change the Tyre? RSA can help in such situations. 

2) Battery Jumpstart: Battery issues are often faced in monsoons, or cases when the car is not in use for a longer time. At such times, the battery would require a jumpstart. RSA would cover in such situations.

3) On-spot Repair: There may be situations when the car needs some minimal repair work. You don't have to go to the garage if you have RSA

4) Spare Key Retrieval: Forgot keys inside the car? And you are not at home with the spare keys? Don't worry; the insurer will arrange a mechanic for you to unlock the vehicle.

5) Fuel Support: There are times when the car's fuel meter goes down at places where one cannot locate petrol pumps nearby. RSA will save you in such situations by covering fuel refilling services up to five liters. 

6) Towing: If the mechanic is unable to fix issues, RSA will cover the vehicle's expense to the garage.

7) Taxi Support: In case the car cannot get started, the insurer can also provide cab services for a specified distance.

8) Pick-up Facility: RSA also covers the cost of dropping your vehicle to your home.

Exclusions and Other Things to keep in mind for Roadside Assistance:

Here are some exclusions associated with the RSA cover for commercial vehicles.

  • Proper rules and regulations should be followed

  • The vehicle should be driven according to the standard recommendations

  • In case the vehicle is being used for illegal activities. The insured will not provide any claim

  • One should inform the insurer about the incident first before initiating the repair work

Factors to consider before taking Roadside Assistance Cover:

Add-ons are provided to add value to your regular insurance plan. Hence, one should purchase suitable add-ons and go through all the details before considering to buy them. Here are some of the factors that one should consider before purchasing an RSA cover.

1) Dealer Benefit: Some of the dealers offer RSA benefits to the new car owners. You can consider buying RSA cover once the dealer-offered protection expires.

2) Usage: If you love to travel around the city, adventuring over long drives, you should consider buying RSA cover. However, you should think if there are enough mechanics on the routes that you travel to. If there are mechanics readily available, you can avoid buying RSA.

3) Condition of Vehicle: You should be aware of the car conditions and the frequent issues your vehicle might suffer. If the problems are severe, don't hesitate to buy the RSA along with the car insurance. However, if the car is new, you can avoid buying such add-ons.

4) Garage Availability: Look around the area you travel to. If there are no garages, an RSA cover can benefit you.

5) Cost-feature Balance: Look at the premium value. If it exceeds your budget, you can skip the add-on. But if it's cost-efficient, you should consider paying for it.

6) Convenience: RSA cover can provide Assistance in extreme situations. Any help is just a call away, whether it is a flat tyre, or towing. This Add-on gives you convenience.

However, if you are an experienced driver or your car driver is experienced in solving such issues such as Tyre changing, checking the engine, or knowing a mechanic, you can avoid purchasing this add-on. You can anytime add the add-on during the policy renewal.

Who should take Roadside Assistance cover?

  • Those who are not aware of handling car-related issues
  • Those who have just learned to drive
  • Those who are frequent travellers and enjoy long-distance car drives
  • Those who don't have any garages in the locality
  • Those who often face car-related issues
  • Those who don't want to handle car-related hassled
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