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Switching Your Car Insurance - Know the 7 Smart Steps

Getting a car insurance is a mandatory thing now. It is essential for your own safety, vehicle protection, and third-party’s safety. But people tend to stick to the same insurance company for a long…

Getting a car insurance is a mandatory thing now. It is essential for your own safety, vehicle protection, and third-party’s safety. But people tend to stick to the same insurance company for a long time and do not look for a better option with time. Renewing the car insurance through the same insurer often feels convenient but doing so for a long time might not let you save or reduce the amount of the premium. Hence, it is advisable to switch the car insurance companies every couple of years.

This step can help you in saving 5 to 50% per year. But, to gain such profits you need to carefully understand technicalities to avoid making an uninformed switch. Here are the seven smart and effective steps that will prove you every switch to be an extremely beneficial and safe decision. Let us get started!

Steps to Consider While Switching Car Insurance

Compare the policies available in the market

The most basic step while buying an insurance policy is to compare rates. The same step applies before opting for a switch in auto insurance companies. There are a lot of websites that provide detailed information on the insurance policies by various companies. Check whether they provide covers for 6 months or a year. Ask the companies to provide proper quotations.


Check out for additional factors like discounts, benefits, coverage, limits, and deductibles to make a fair comparison. This will help in building a rational view of the effect of different policies on your pocket.

Research and evaluate the values

Auto insurance policies get affected by some factors such as relocating, getting married, or conceiving a baby. The impact these factors can make on your coverage needs can vary. Apart from this, there are options on deductibles and limits. To make the best out of your needs, you need to research thoroughly. There are numerous options available in the market. Mapping out your needs will help you in shortlisting plans that best suit your requirements.


Evaluate the benefits in every plan, the factors that can impact the claim, the additional features of the policy, and pick out the relevant plan accordingly.

Keep a check on your current policy before making a switch

Switching from one service to another is an easy process, but every service provider wants to retain its customers. They will provide you with the best services to keep you on their side. Many insurance companies offer competitive discounts and offers that can instantly rejuvenate the insurance plan you have invested in. So, keep constant contact with your current insurance provider and make sure you do not miss out on such deals.

Enquire about every detail

All of us have access to all kinds of information nowadays. Thanks to the internet, every tiny detail is made available on the insurer’s websites for the customers. Once you select or shortlist the relevant car insurance plans, verify the authenticity of their plans by going through their website, customer reviews to get honest opinions from the policyholders of that plan. This will help you in making a better decision.

Evaluate companies on the user-benefits

Every company is now becoming user centric. This has helped the customers to gather more relevant information regarding their services. Look out if the company has a mobile application or a web application that can result in an easy understanding of the policy terms and conditions. Apart from this, you can always rely on 24/7 customer care to enquire about the factors you have a doubt about. Most of the companies have an active online presence. Find suitable options for yourself and make relevant choices.

Do not delay ending your previous policy

You should change your policy as soon as you finalize the new plan. This should be done to avoid paying the premium to both the insurers as your new auto insurance should start before or on the same date on which your old insurance is getting expired. A gap of even a day could lead to cost you higher for coverage rates in the future.


Inform your old insurance provider and cancel the policy. Confirm the termination by every step they mention, most of them want a written confirmation over email before processing the termination of your policy. These measures make sure that you are not getting charged for any further bills now.

Keep your documents intact

This is a very basic but mandatory step while shopping for new car insurance. Once your new policy is active, do not forget to swap the old insurance ID cards. Also, keep a copy of your old ID card and the previous policy documents as you might need them in an emergency.

Conclusion on Switching of Car Insurance

Opting for insurance policies can be tricky, a lot of paperwork and understanding goes behind buying a policy. Therefore, people tend to avoid getting into the process again. But making a switch in the car insurance policy can help you in saving money as there are numerous companies available in the market that provide you with various additional benefits. Keeping a check on these policies and opting for the suitable one is a smart way to make benefits. These seven steps will help you streamline your insurance switch process.

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