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Top Ideas to Secure Your Car from Thieves

Top Ideas to Secure Your Car from Thieves Almost 45000 cars were stolen in 2018 in the country, out of which only about 10-20% were recovered. Such exaggerated numbers are not only saddening but…

Top Ideas to Secure Your Car from Thieves

Almost 45000 cars were stolen in 2018 in the country, out of which only about 10-20% were recovered. Such exaggerated numbers are not only saddening but also poses a strict question to our responsibilities. Are we REALLY keeping our car safe? Of course, buying car insurance from reputed insurers never fail to support during such times, but a little thought on the mishap will only surface innumerable careless mistakes which cannot be undone! Since a car insurance policy can provide security to some extent in cases of theft, it is the dire responsibility of the owners to be extra careful with the beloved possession. A number of devices have been invented and used by owners for preventing theft. Though such devices are ideal for car security, most of them are bound to put a hole in your pocket. Thus, here are some of the easy breezy tips and tricks for you to not only keep your car safe but also prevent an unnecessary expenditure.

Shut It Down!

Summers are unbearable, we understand. But the mere choice of keeping the window panes down to keep the interior breezy is probably the worst idea. This is because, even if the car is spared from theft, there is a high chance of your valuables getting picked up. Remember, a car insurance policy only covers for theft and damage not the cost of your belongings.

Get an Anti-theft Device

Though most of the anti-theft devices are known to be quite expensive, there are cheaper alternatives from several brands. There are several reasons for recommending an anti-theft device for your brand new car. Besides car security, you can buy car insurance online at a premium discounted rate if you have an anti-theft device. This is because the device guarantees lesser chances of a car insurance claim from the owner with additional security against theft.

Get A GPS Tracker

With the advancing technology paving its way, the thieves have equally upgraded themselves with smarter means. Hence, extreme precautions and careful measures might still leave a loop for them to set your car from your own parking. In such cases, a GPS tracker will help the police to track down your car sooner than ever, thereby leaving no room for the thief to take the joy ride your car.

Additional Locks

Locking your car might not make it completely safe. Hence, the use of additional locking systems for wheels and steering is highly recommended. These are not only cheap but also are effective in the long run.

Car Parking

Claiming coverage for car thefts is not always easy even if you buy car insurance from reputed insuring companies. Sometimes, the owners are also suspected for claiming money against fraudulent measures to clear their personal debts off. Hence, always choose for a parking space which is furnished with cameras for additional security. Any kind of camera, whether it is in front of someone's home or in the driveway, will come go great use in case of car theft. This will not only prove theft but will also help the police in recognizing the thief easily.

Keep Your Car Keys Safe

To prevent your car from being stolen, you need to keep the keys safe first. Never hide a spare key anywhere outside your car no matter how safe it might feel. Besides, we often forget the keys in the hallway or a table top. It might be safe when you are in your home or with your family, but the habit can cost you a lot during a public get-together. Also, remember to ask for the keys if you have given it to someone else for temporary use.

A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are extremely helpful in keeping thieves away. These monitors ideally record everything that happens inside the car and the mere sight of it will warn the thieves beforehand, and prevent your car from getting stolen.

VIN on Window Panes

A number of people get the VIN number printed on the window panes for identity. Removing these are quite expensive and involves a lot of hassle, and thus successfully keeps the thieves at bay.

These are some of the easiest tips of car security which should be implemented for keeping the car safe. Besides, there are innumerable devices to prevent cars from being stolen unalarmed. However, even if all this fails, remember your car insurance will always have you back during such distress.

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