Winter car care tips - Winter car maintenance tips you should know

Out of all the season, maintaining a car in winters becomes a crucial task.  In the winter season, the temperature fluctuates and gets relatively low, which poses a threat to mechanical machines…

Out of all the season, maintaining a car in winters becomes a crucial task. 

In the winter season, the temperature fluctuates and gets relatively low, which poses a threat to mechanical machines like cars. The winters in India are a mixture of rain, snow, and dense fog. As a car owner, you should check through a complete winter car care checklist to keep your vehicle in its best condition. Winter car maintenance is not difficult, but it is essential. Some minute changes and car insurance can keep you going on the right track. Here are some tips for cars in cold weather.

Winter car care tips

1. The battery is central:

Battery is an important part of the car which gets affected with a change in temperature. It is necessary to ensure that it is working well to keep your car running. In older cars, the batteries may not function in winters as the temperature drops. Get it checked in time and replace it if needed. 

2. Keep a check on tyres:

In winter, it becomes common for cars to skid when it rains, which is dangerous. It becomes a necessity for you to equip your vehicle with more grip. You can replace your car's smooth tyres with the ones which have a heavy grip. If you drive in an area that experiences snowfall, you should consider having chains on the tyres to avoid accidents. In winters, the pressure in tyres can be low often. Get a periodic check on the tyres to keep yourself and the car safe. Keep a close check on your car's tyres' condition and take them for service as per the requirement. Minor accidents caused due to skids can easily be covered by car insurance. Right car insurance can keep you safe from unforeseen expenses in winters. An insurance policy covers loss or damage in your car. It also keeps your hospitalization charges covered. You can find a range of car insurance policies at RenewBuy. They're available online at a competitive price at the comfort of your home.

3. Check the headlights and taillights:

Winter season comes with dense fog in India, especially in hilly and plain regions. Your sight can be obstructed by the fog and can lead to accidents. In such a situation, you must get fog lights installed in your car as they help in improving the visibility. In your winter car maintenance list, the lights should be an essential part. 

4. Fuel your car the right way:

If you use your vehicle occasionally, you should frequently keep a check on the fuel tank in your winter car maintenance. If the temperature is shallow, it is likely for the fuel to freeze, causing problems in the car. To keep your vehicle in good shape, maintain a tank full of fuel in winters to keep it away from freezing.

5. Fix the windshield wipers:

In many areas during winters, one can face heavy rains which makes it essential to have windshield wipers in place. The wipers have a rubber that can easily get spoiled in winters. To avoid accidents and risky situations, keep the windshield wipers in place. 

6. Cover the side mirrors:

For a better and controlled driving experience, having side mirrors in the palace is essential. In winters, keep the mirrors covered to avoid the snow from obstructing them. You can use a ziplock bag to cover the side mirrors.

7. Check the coolant and motor oil:

In low temperature, the coolant can go out of order and create trouble. As another tip for winter car maintenance, check if the concentration level of antifreeze in your car is correct. You can follow your manufacturer's recommendation for the ratio of water to coolant. To prolong your vehicle's life, you must consider changing the oil and filter before the winter season arrives. 

8. Keep a check on the door and locks:

When the temperature hits low and freezes, ensure to lubricate the door locks, window seals, and hinges. For the mechanical and rubber part, silicone lubrication works very well. You can find them in cans in most of the stores which deal in car parts and services. Spray the doors and windows to keep them from freezing less on a cold winter morning.

9. Keep your car insurance in place:

Accidents are unforeseen episodes we all want to avoid. Yet, they're uncertain. To keep yourself prepared for the odd time, you must have a car insurance policy in place. You can choose from various options available at RenewBuy. Get an affordable car insurance policy for your vehicle and save yourself from running into financial mishappenings when you meet an accident. At RenewBuy, you can buy a policy in a couple of minutes which is safe and authentic. Also, you can renew your car insurance policy in no time. A wise driver's key to a happy and stress-free driving is a car insurance policy.

10. Check the floor mats too:

It is not wise to stack the mats on top of one another or use a thick mat. You may end up jamming the accelerator pedal to the floor. This can undoubtedly lead to catastrophic episodes. Mats can sound like a menial part of the car, but you must check them as winter car maintenance from time to time. Dry them out and keep them clean. If the mats are moist, they can cause hard frost to appear on the inside of the windshield and door glasses.

With that, we wrap up the essential tips for cars in cold weather. Keep your vehicle safe and ensured with a car policy to have a hassle-free experience. Winters can be a tricky season to drive, but you'll be good to go with all these tips.

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