10 Blazing Hot Trends For The Connected Car In 2017 | RenewBuy | Renewbuy

10 Blazing Hot Trends For The Connected Car In 2017 | RenewBuy

With technology getting better at a lightning fast speed, it is important that one gets used to products that were never even dreamt of. A driverless car or maybe a car that talks back?  Yes, all this is a possibility. Online newsroom Gartner predicts 250 million+ connected cars plying the road by 2020. No wonder technology is evolving fast in this domain. Here are 10 such connected car trends that are going to blow your mind in the next few years.


  1. Algorithm Based Insurance Premium: In the coming years, your car insurance premium may be decided according to the driver, his driving skills, and the areas where the car is most likely to be driven.


  1. Ethernet Architectures: You may start looking at cars that have robust Ethernet Architectures for controlling Bluetooth, audio, video and much more. Ethernet will also help you to stream movies and enjoy every bit of travelling. Having one network will also make the car lighter because each system, today, works independently, which comes with kilos of system hardware slowing down the car.


  1. Automated Security Features: The time is not far when you would witness high-accuracy proximity sensors, vehicle trajectory control devices, auto-pilot systems and many others features inbuilt in the cars.


  1. V-2-V (Vehicle-to-vehicle): You will now be able to witness V-2-V systems in automobiles, which will allow vehicles to communicate with each other. These may be used to communicate information about road conditions, weather, sudden braking, etc. These may also be used by groups of cars, driving at high speed, to stay connected with each other.


  1. Solar Cars: Moving towards green technology, here comes the solar car. As environment-friendly it is, one can also hope that it’s pocket-friendly. After all, you are going to zoom about in this fuel-less car and save money!


  1. Autonomous Cars: With a lot of noise and excitement around Google’s self-driven cars, it may not be a far-fetched dream anymore. With tests and simulations going on, one may find it running on the roads with a whole bunch of sensors, radars and what not.


  1. Active Window Displays: You will be able to turn your windshield into an active display. With more improvements, you might just be able to establish your navigation system on that too.


  1. Remote Shutdown: While this is already around, you may be able to see improved versions. The car shuts down in the case of theft, emergencies and other such cases.


  1. Biometric Access: Key-less entry has now become a known concept. A new addition to this concept is entry and start using fingerprints. To enter your car and start the engine, you will have to press your finger against the reader, and post-confirmation, the car would start. Experts believe the next add-on would likely be retina scans.


  1. Vehicle Tracking: While we hear about vehicle tracking now and then, over the passage of time, even the general public would be able to use these improved and easy to use systems on a large scale.


Look out for these features in the to-be-released cars and the day is not far when you would see those sci-fi movies transform to reality right in front of your eyes.