10 Haunted Indian Roads You Should Never Drive On At Night

With India offering exciting terrains and roads, it is a pleasure for many to go on a long bike and car trips across the country. With these, a lot of stories of haunted roads and challenging driving…

With India offering exciting terrains and roads, it is a pleasure for many to go on a long bike and car trips across the country. With these, a lot of stories of haunted roads and challenging driving conditions have prevailed. Though these sound scary, they also add to the adrenaline rush of these automobile junkies. Here is the list of 10 such haunted Indian roads, the stories of which have travelled far and wide.

Kashedi Ghat, Mumbai Goa Highway

Known to be haunted by a ghost of a man, the travellers on this road have claimed to have been scratched on their face, neck and back. It is said that the ghost asks for a lift and if the driver does not stop, the vehicle tumbles or goes out of control.

Delhi Cantonment Road

People claim to see a lady in white sari running beside the vehicle. She often asks for a lift, and if the vehicle is not stopped, she is seen either in the backseat of the car or chasing you at superhuman speed. Sound spooky for sure!

Kasara Ghat, Mumbai Nashik Highway

Considered as one of the most haunted roads in India, Kasara Ghat is scary enough with trees and dense bushes on its sides. Popularly known as a dumping ground for murdered victims, people have their share of experiences here. But many of the stories come down to one single story of having seen a headless lady draped in black saree.

Delhi Jaipur Highway

National Highway 11A, which also connects with the haunted Bhangarh Fort, is a haunted route in itself. During nights, travellers have witnessed strange white lights, heard horrific screams and paranormal shadows. They say that these are the same ghosts that haunt the Bhangarh Fort.

Blue Cross Road, Chennai

Known for canopied trees, Blue Cross Road does not see sunlight much. This road is a home to a scary humanlike creature in the wee hours of the night. With a lot of suicides that took place here in the past, the Blue Cross Road knows a lot of unsettled souls like a white creature walking along the road or a woman often seen in a no moon light.

East Coast Road, Chennai

Connecting Chennai with Puducherry, East Coast Road is a two-lane road that offers scenic beauty and amazing roads for the driver to drive on. But these beautiful sights have a flip side. The travellers have often experienced a sudden temperature drop on a patch of this road and paranormal shadows as well.

Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary Corridor, Tamil Nadu

Known to be haunted by the ghost of Veerappan, a famous dacoit, one has heard hysterical laughter sounds and floating lights. People have also witnessed various orbs and shadows beside the road making it more spooky and dangerous to drive alone late at night.

National Highway 33, Ranchi-Jamshedpur Highway

It is said that a white lady haunts this road that is known to distract drivers leading to both minor and major accidents. To avoid and eliminate the risks of accidents, people have constructed temples at both the sides. Surprisingly, from the moment the temples came in, the number of fatal accidents have decreased to a great extent.

Marve and Madh Island Road

Between S.V. Road and Marve Island, a ghost of a bride is said to haunt the road. On peculiar nights, travellers have seen apparitions of a lady dressed in bridal clothes and wearing anklets sobbing. Frequent visitors state the woman has not yet harmed anyone, but still we would advise you to avoid travelling on this route late night.

Khooni Nala, Jammu-Srinagar Highway

As several accidents occur here, many locals have started calling this highway by the name of Khooni Nala (or Bloody Barrage). It is said that a lady committed suicide here while she was expecting a baby and now her spirit roams here with an infant. She is known to distract the incoming drivers leading to a car crash in the gorge.

These roads and their stories are known in various forms across the country. Though there is no concrete proof of all these stories being entirely accurate, it’s better to avoid these roads at night and ensure your safety.

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