10 Solo Bike Rides To Take Before You Turn 30 | RenewBuy | Renewbuy

10 Solo Bike Rides To Take Before You Turn 30 | RenewBuy

Call yourself a biker? Well, you are not one unless you have visited these 10 places in India! The beauty of India is not something that you can measure in words; it can only be seen, felt and captured as a lifelong memory. Your late 20s is the perfect time to plan for a solo bike ride, and the below mentioned 10 places would be the perfect getaway for you to learn more about life’s lessons.

Read on to find out the best solo bike ride trips and plan yours soon.

Manali – Leh Ladakh

Surrounded by lush valleys in Manali, you will slowly progress to the majestic mountains of Leh and Ladakh. Make sure you go through Rohtang La, Sarchi and Upshi and do make time to visit the beautiful Buddhist monasteries.

Bangalore – Kannur

The Bangalore to Kannur route is filled with scenic beauty and makes for an enjoyable bike trip. From breathtaking cliffs to beautiful lakes to delicious food pit stops; you will find everything on this route.

Bhalupkong – Tawang

Plan a solo bike trip from Bhalupkong to Tawang to witness the stunning beauty of North-East India. You would never be able to get enough of nature’s beauty on this route. If you are fond of riding on snow-covered roads, then you can plan this trip during year-end.

Mumbai – Thiruvananthapuram

It's an unusual trip; however, the joy that you would experience riding along the coastline would make this long trip completely worth it. The beautiful beaches en route would be an additional bonus you would love watching.

Barmer – Bikaner

Your solo bike trip bucket cannot be complete without a trip through the sandy deserts of the Great Indian Thar Desert. However, you would need immense patience to finish this isolated yet soothing trip.

Siliguri – Yuksom

Riding through lush greenery and twisting roads with the Great Himalayas to keep you company sounds perfect, right? Just head on to Siliguri and map your way to Yuksom. This would take you through Darjeeling all the way to Sikkim.

Shimla – Spiti Valley

The Shimla to Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh route would be an ideal choice to pump in that adrenaline rush you seek in your solo bike ride. Rolling valleys, unexpected water bodies, driving through high altitudes are other key factors that make this route ideal.

Delhi – Mandawa

If you are a history buff, then we suggest you pack your bags and head out on this amazing road trip that would take you from Delhi to the beautiful Taj Mahal in Agra to majestic Jaipur to Ranthambore to Bikaner and finally end at Mandawa.

Guwahati – Khasi Hills

A slightly wet and slippery trail, this road trip takes you through some gorgeous waterfalls and bridges such as the living roots bridges of Nongriat. This bike tour is like no other, and the experience of reaching the top of Khasi Hills is truly an exciting one.

Pollachi – Chalakudy

Wildlife lovers would find nirvana on this route as they ride through the expansive rainforest from Tamil Nadu to Kerala. Take some time out to visit the dams and reserves along the route.

Do prepare a checklist of the things you would need before going on any of these trips so that you can have a safe and fun trip.