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4 Qualities That Make A Good Insurance Agent

The work of an insurance agent is very lucrative, but it is also very demanding. In India, according to the rules of IRDAI, every insurance agent has to be certified. However, that alone does not ensure that you are a good insurance agent. You need to have excellent people’s skill that will help you sell the policies to the prospective holders. Given below are some skills that are required to become a good insurance agent.

Energetic and a strong personality

An insurance agent has to be quite active to make a difference. People like to interact with individuals who are proactive and forthcoming. They will be more interested in knowing what you have to sell when they see that you are eager to tell them more about it whenever they want to hear about it. Another important thing is that you need to be persistent and take your failure gracefully. You need to have patience when you are dealing with your clients. It is important to understand that many times you will be rejected, but you cannot give up. You have to be persistent.

Be a good listener

To be a good agent, you need to be a god listener. It is not just about making good sales but also listening to the various concerns of your clients. When your clients notice that you are listening to them with interest, they will understand that you are concerned about them and are here to give them solutions. They will be eager to do business with you. You can take notes of their problems analyse them and seek for solutions in a better manner.

Put the needs of your client first

To be a good agent, you need to put the needs of your client first. If your only aim is to earn as much commission as possible, then you cannot stay in the insurance business for long. You need to be a good listener and a reliable agent. You need to be honest with your clients when you are talking about your policies. You need to make all the possible efforts to ensure that you are giving the best to them. In most cases, it is seen that if the customer is satisfied with a policy taken from a company, then they stick to that company, which will also ensure more transactions for you. But before that, you have to prove your reliability to your clients.

Ready to give after sales service

For a good agent, the job does not end with the selling of the policy. You must be willing to give after sales services as well.  They will have queries, and you should be ready to answer them without getting annoyed. Most buyers of insurance policies claim that there is no one to answer their questions once the purchase is complete. To be a good agent, you need to be available at all times. Being available at all times will also ensure that you are selling more policies.

The job of an insurance agent isn’t that hard, yet it needs a substantial amount of research and know-how of the field. Follow the steps as mentioned earlier and embark on the journey of becoming a good insurance agent.

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