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4 Tips To Tweak Your Old Car Easily

Owning your set of wheels is not just a matter of pride but over the years it becomes an emotional attachment as well. And because of this emotional and sentimental value, a lot of us prefer not to part with it even though it has had its fair share of wear and tear. But, we also know that with all those dents and dings, your car is not up to the mark whether in terms of fuel efficiency or performance.

If you are also one of those who is at the crossroads thinking whether to hold on to your vehicle or part with it, we have some good news for you! We are going to explain 4 easy tips that you can use to tweak your old car and have it as good as new. These tips are not only easy but are also quite affordable.

Pay Attention to the Tires

One of the main reasons why your car loses out on the power and performance is because of the tires. Over the years, your car tires have borne the brunt of the work, and you need to check their conditions on a regular basis. A tire without any grip on it is absolutely worthless on the roads. If you are changing the tires, then you need to ensure that the new tires are of supreme quality, if not, you would end up with bad tires in no time.

Spark Plugs

How many of you have even thought of checking those spark plugs? Not many, right? Well, spark plugs are one way of enhancing the performance as well as the fuel efficiency of your car because better and new spark plugs can give better combustion. They should be checked during your regular servicing. Though spark plugs are made of different materials, it is better to opt for Iridium spark plugs as they last for a much longer time. A word of advice would be to let your car mechanic handle this change rather than you doing it on your own.


Just like spark plugs, you need to replace your vehicle’s rubber bushings as well. Over a period of time the rubber bushings break down, and this is not good for your car. An ideal solution would be to replace it with polyurethane bushings which are much stronger and will last longer than the rubber ones. Depending upon your budget, you can either buy a kit and replace all the bushings at the same time or do it one by one.

Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The engine control unit is responsible for adjusting the fuel/air ratio of the car’s engine ensuring that everything remains consistent irrespective of the temperature and air density. This is usually decided and programmed at the factory itself; however, you could reprogram your engine control unit. This would not only enhance the performance but can also give you better fuel efficiency.

There are a lot of other things too that you could try out such as installing a cold-air intake, regular changing of oil, installing a sway bar, etc., to breath new life into your old car.

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