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5 Amazing Ways To Reuse Old Tyres | RenewBuy

Throwing away your old tyres is now a thing of past. It’s the age of DIYs and old, unused Tyres are amazing to work with to create new pieces. You can find scores of ideas on the internet on how to reuse old Tyres. While some might be a tad bit difficult to execute, there are a number of other easy, creative ideas for you to try out. From interior decorative pieces to garden furniture, Tyres can be reused creatively for a variety of reasons.

We have listed down five amazing ways in which you can reuse the Tyres, turning them from idle pieces to constructive pieces. Now, before you read on, do remember that the Tyres could still release toxic chemicals, so you need to clean them up thoroughly, and as long as you are covering it up, there shouldn’t be any problem.

A Yarn Ottoman

Take a plywood sheet, measure the circumference of the tire and cut the plywood accordingly. Place the plywood on both the sides and screw it in to give it a firm base on both the sides.

Now use the rope and starting from the centre gently cover the whole tire. Make sure to use glue to keep the rope in place. Once done, allow the glue to dry completely and then use a clear sealer and again wait for it to dry off. Your DIY yarn ottoman is ready!

Mirror Frame

Love quirky stuff? Then this DIY is right up your alley. Say goodbye to your old mirrors and replace them with mirrors having a tire frame. Measure the circumference of the tire and choose a mirror accordingly. It would be a good idea to use glue and black caulking at the points where the tire’s rubber and mirror would touch. To make it look pretty, just paint the tire any colour you want and hang it up!

Hammocks with Half Tyres

Who doesn’t love the good old tire swing? Most of us have fond memories of this childhood plaything so how about making it for your kids but with a slight twist? Instead of using the whole tire, you need to cut it in half so that it looks like a hammock. Secure both the ends like how you would do for a regular hammock and its done.

Tire Sand Box

Tire Sand Boxes are a fun way to keep your kid engaged during the summer break. Just take an old tire, paint it in bright bold colours, fill it with sand up to the brim and add some beach buckets and spades and little beach umbrella. A simple and fun way to keep your kid entertained.

Tire Planters

Tire Planters are by far the prettiest reuse of old Tyres that can give you the feeling of spring every time you look at it. You could either have them fixed in your garden or leave it hanging. Make sure you paint those Tyres in bright and beautiful colors.

The next time you think of throwing those old Tyres out, we suggest you get creative with them.