5 Best Cities Of India Every Bike Enthusiast Must Explore | RenewBuy | Renewbuy

5 Best Cities Of India Every Bike Enthusiast Must Explore | RenewBuy

India is a country with a vast potential for tourism. Apart from scenic beauty, beautiful valleys and forest reserves, the cities of India are also potential tourist destinations. Most of the times we tend to overlook this aspect of Indian beauty. The cities are the best places for any travel enthusiast and if you like travelling on your bike then you must visit the cities. Given below is a list of cities that you can travel on your bike.


The pink city is the largest city of Rajasthan and is well-known for its vibrancy. It is the first planned city of India. Taking a bike tour around the city would be one of the ideal ways to explore the city. The city boasts of a rich cultural heritage and exquisite architecture. As one travels through the city, majestic fortresses, buildings, palaces present themselves before you. Apart from the exquisite structures one must not forget the market places of the city, displaying intricately carved handicrafts and jewellery. It’s the market places and the gardens that add colour to the city.  If you plan a bike ride to this city plan it between October and March. You will find pleasant weather, which will help you explore better. You will find a large number of hotels at various rates so if you plan on staying overnight it will not be a problem.


Hop onto your bike and take a tour of this royal legacy of south India. Its majestic monuments and structures are sure to take your breath away and make up for any bad week you have had. You can skirt through the city roads and stumble upon one place of interest after another. You can visit the Mysuru palace, the Chamundi hills, the Brindavan gardens, Philomena’s church and countless other tourist spots of the city. Keep a map and make a list of the places you want to visit and be on your way.


Hampi is a city in ruins that manages to attract thousands of tourists every year. Exploring the city on your bike is the best option to know the city well and observe its scenic trails. The sight of the city is nothing but bewitching. You will be left spell bound as you course through the city on your bike. There are large boulders scattered all over the region, in between you will find palm groves and paddy fields. Among it all lays the ancient ruins and temples. Plan your trip in such a way that you can linger a little longer in this place.


A city where the exquisite tourist spots are somewhat camouflaged under its crowd and fast paced life. If you what to get a reincarnation of history then this is where you should come. Though the streets are congested you will not have much problem maneuvering your bike and exploring the city. You can visit places like, Guindy National Park, Mahabalipuram, San Thome Basilica, etc.


This is a beautiful city that’s located in the Shiwaliks. If you are coming on a bike trip here, you should come during the monsoons or during the winter. It offers raw untouched beauty, where you can submerge yourself and forget the world. Apart from a number of monasteries, you will find lakes and gardens. You can also visit the Nathula pass. From this city you get an exquisite view of the Kanchenjunga.

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