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5 Car Gadgets Worth Buying in 2017

Maintaining a car requires a lot of care on the owner’s part. Regular servicing of the car is necessary to avoid any future problems in the car. Apart from professional maintenance, even you need to take some steps like properly cleaning, dusting the safety and the infotainment features of the car. You can make use of different gadgets to help you out and make the process a bit faster. Today we round up a list of must-have gadgets for your car in 2017:


A dashboard camera is an essential device for your car. It records the view through your vehicle's windscreen. As they support video recording, they are quite helpful in case of road accidents. Dashcam also helps you in keeping your car safe from thieves. Equipped with a motion sensor, they start recording when some moving object approaches the car.

Smartphone Charger

Smartphone charger is the most useful accessory you require for your car. Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives today, and hence it's important that we keep them fully charged. Having a Smartphone Charger lets you focus solely on the journey, without worrying about the phone getting discharged.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

You can use car vacuum cleaner to take special care of your car interiors. Though they are quite small, portable and consume less power, yet they are powerful enough to clean the car seat removing the dust particles completely.

Portable Jump Starter Kit

It is a must have gadget for all the cars as it is a multi-function emergency car jump starter. The kit contains a Car Power Bank to supply the car with power in case your battery fails. It also includes different chargers to support all electronic devices such as a laptop, smartphone, tablets, etc. It has a battery of 13600mAh capacity. The device also comes equipped with ultra-bright LED flashlight which also serves the purpose of SOS signal light.

Sat Nav

A good navigation system is a boon for today’s car drivers who want to explore the unexplored. Satellite based navigation has been proven to be highly accurate in tracking your location and distance from your destination.  It also informs you if a particular route will face heavy traffic, and suggests better alternatives to reach your destination faster reducing the overall journey time and saving of fuel. It also proves quite useful in long-term commutes.

These are few gadgets you can add to your car and prepare yourself for the unexpected. If you frequently use any other accessory, let us know about it in the comments section below.