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5 Issues With Getting Your Bike Serviced At A Local Garage

A bike is arguably the most common vehicle that every Indian household owns. Buying a new bike sure does bring a whole lot of joy and excitement. But, apart from that, you need to take total care of your bike at regular intervals to enhance its lifespan. Servicing of the bike should be done on a regular basis. Any delay in servicing will result in the degradation of the quality of your bike parts.

As long as people have their free warranty servicing period, they take their bikes to the dealer shops for repairing. But once the free servicing period expires, people usually prefer to service their two-wheeler at the local auto-repair shop hoping that the overall cost will be less. However, if you aren’t careful with your choice of a local garage, you might end up paying a high price for services. Today we will discuss some of the major disadvantages of getting your bike serviced at a local garage.

  1. No maintenance of service schedule – When you go to a local garage, they do not keep track of your previous servicing date for your bike. But to maintain the longevity of your bike, you must service your bike in regular intervals. An authorised service centre, on the other hand, keeps track of the service schedule and knows which part has to be repaired or changed at what point of time.


  1. No surety that genuine parts are being used – The biggest disadvantage of going to a local garage is that you won't know whether they are using genuine parts or not. Most of the local garage shops append low-rated or poor-quality parts in your bikes. This, not only will decrease its lifespan, but also will reduce its performance substantially. An authorised service centre, on the other hand, makes use of genuine spare parts without fail.


  1. Better qualified technicians at dealer shops – The technicians at a dealer shop are better trained and well-qualified. As they usually work on such high-grade products, they know better which product will fit where, how to do the fitting well, which part needs to be serviced how, which part needs to be changed, what other modifications are required to be done, and much more.


  1. Warranty issues – When you repair your bike at the local garage, it most probably will render the warranty void. If your local garage person replaces any original part with non-OEM part, then the issues created henceforth because of the non-OEM device, won’t be covered by an authorised workshop, even if your bike is under the warranty period.


  1. Lack of proper Machineries and equipment – Local workshops does not usually have proper machines and equipment for doing repair or service because of which the quality of service may not be that great as of authorised service center.

The disadvantages mentioned above show why it will be a poor decision to get your bike serviced at a local garage. Opt for getting your bike serviced at an authorised service centre only and get full value for your money.