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5 Maintenance Myths You Can’t Ignore While Servicing Your Car

When it comes to servicing your dream vehicle, you get all sorts of innovative suggestions from leading dealerships and maintenance experts. It’s a nice gesture on their part, but the ultimate decision lies with you. Most of the times, you know some of the maintenance services aren’t required; still, you end up paying for them. Whether it’s a tire change, fuel system intervals, or engine maintenance, you should know what your car needs.

Identifying the myths

When it comes to car maintenance and cars, owners have to be careful about quite a few misconceptions and myths. There are certain rules and servicing regulations that owners are expected to follow. However, all of them aren’t relevant, and they need proper analysis and review. Here’s a list of the common car maintenance misconceptions you can ignore while taking your vehicle for servicing:

1.Changing filters

Car filters get contaminated at a rapid pace. However, you don’t need to install new ones each time you visit an auto body shop. Although the servicing experts will push you towards opting for a change, it might not be the right time. A bit of cleaning will serve the purpose, and you should go through the maintenance manual thus identifying the perfect time for filter change.

2.3000 miles/3month oil change

One of the major misconceptions about your car is that it requires oil-change after every 3 months or 3000 miles. However, that isn’t the right piece of information. You must follow the owner's manual given by your manufacturer to figure out what would be a good time to change your car fuel. Also, you must take into account the quality of oil suggested by the brand to avoid downgrading the performance.

3.Engine ‘tune-ups’ aren’t necessary

When it comes to servicing your car, you might come across the term ‘engine tune-ups.' Well, there’s nothing like tuning up your car engine. Let’s just say; it’s a stylish way of asking the owner to change spark plugs. Since these components determine engine operations to a great extent, you should ensure perfect servicing for them. Wait for the right time and then opt for this tune-up or periodic service!

4.Changing coolants

Car maintenance experts also suggest you replace coolants two times in a year. According to them, it prepares your vehicle for the changing seasons. However, this aspect is no longer relevant today. Modern-day cars have long-lasting fluids which deliver exceptional performances throughout the year. You can change the coolants whenever you feel they are going below the threshold and need refuelling. You need no specific periods to perform this task.

5.Fuel system clean-up

It’s true that your car’s fuel system needs a complete clean-up, but only when you face acceleration problems, low fuel economy, or power loss. Other than these situations, you simply don’t need to invest in additives to clean the fuel system.

Final thoughts

Your car is one of the prized possessions in your life, so ensuring perfect care for it is imperative. With these myths busted, we are sure you will be more vigilant towards the same giving your car a long-lasting life.

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