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5 Motor Events In India Every Car Enthusiast Should Attend

Motor events in India are like a huge celebration for car enthusiasts. Organised throughout the year by different automobile bodies, there are a number of motor events where like-minded car lovers meet and take part in the racing events. Whether you are a participant, a spectator or hardcore car lover, you just cannot miss out on some of these mind-blowing motor events.

Since it is not possible for you to attend all the motor events happening in India, we have curated a list of 5 motor events which a car enthusiast like you should attend:

  1. JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship

At this event, car enthusiasts can feast their eyes on a number of different categories like superbikes, souped-up saloons, single seater racing cars, etc. This championship has seen the likes of Narain Karthikeyan, Armaan Ebrahim and other champions making their presence felt. This year the initial rounds would be held at KMC Circuit, Coimbatore with the finale at BIC Circuit, Greater Noida.

If you are becoming a part of this event, then JK Touring Cars, LGB Formula 4 and Euro JK 16 are the three categories that would surely get your hearts racing. The event is held usually in the month of April.

  1. Volkswagen Motorsport

Seasoned car lovers would be familiar with the Volkswagen Motorsport which completed seven years in India successfully. This year it's the eighth season, wherein with the introduction of the new Ameo in the Indian market, they are also launching the Volkswagen Ameo Cup which would have 20 drivers on board competing against each other in Coimbatore, Chennai and Delhi. With a driver exchange program in place, the winner would have a chance to show off their skill/talent internationally as well.

  1. Indian National Rally Championship

The Federation of Motor Sports Club of India (FMSCI) organises a series of rally racing dubbed under the moniker of Indian National Rally Championship. A point system determines the driver and co-driver champions, and with MRF as the title sponsor, this is one of the most sought after motor events in India.

  1. Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm Car Rally

Next on our list is the Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm Car Rally event where the participants cover a distance of 2,600 km. They need to manoeuvre through different terrains which take them through the Thar Desert to mountainous Aravalli and finally to Rann of Kutch.  This is one motor event in India which tests the driver’s skills on various terrains.

  1. Himalayan Car Rally

One of the most challenging and toughest motorsports in India, it leaves you with an adrenaline rush like no other. This event has participants joining from outside India as well who need to cross the Himalayan terrain for finishing the rally.

Do remember that the events mentioned above are just a few of them. There are a lot more of them for you to attend in case you miss out on these.