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5 Perfect Smartphone Apps That You Can Use While Driving

Mobile phones are indeed a distraction while driving and if you are casually browsing through your phone for a second or two, you would end up crashing your car. It will be surprising to know that if smartphones are a cause of distraction while driving, they could also save you from disasters. With the development of a few apps which aids while you drive, you can ensure that you have a smooth driving experience and eliminate all chances of distracted driving.


This is by far the best app available and it allows your device to see what is in front of your car as well as the other cars on the road. It is available for both Android and iOS. It uses your device’s GPS, accelerometer and camera to calculate the distance between your car and the vehicle in front of you. It also warns the driver in case the car comes closer to another car. Besides these, it also blocks calls, text messages and emails, and can also work as a navigation tool.


Created by iSpeech, this app is available for Android, Blackberry and iOS. It automatically responds to the text and emails and reads them out loudly, without any touch, and lets you respond by voice. If you sync your vehicle’s Bluetooth system with the app, it will automatically turn on when you enter your vehicle. Being light weighed, it doesn’t slow down your phone and drain much battery. You can also customise the app according to your need.

Safe Driver

Though this app does not have many features but it can still be considered an excellent tool for safe driving. This app gives the user to make a choice among three driving profiles- RED, YELLOW and GREEN and the app functions accordingly. The RED profile rejects incoming calls and automatically responds with an SMS. The Yellow profile rejects incoming calls. The phone vibrates for three seconds and rejects the call while sending an SMS. In the GREEN profile, the phone rings and vibrates for three seconds and automatically hangs up the call and responds with an SMS.


Compatible with Android ,this app lets you know who is calling and lets you answer or reject call on the loud speaker mode by simply saying yes or no. in case you say YES after the beep, you will be automatically put on loud speaker. If you don’t want to answer, say NO after the beep, the ringer will be muted and a message will be sent to the caller. This app is compatible with any voice and uses very little battery.

Drive Beehive

Drive Beehive is another app to eliminate distracted driving. The rewards based safe driving network, which unique to this app lets you pair family and friends so that you reward each other for practicing safe driving. You need to set up a sponsor and you are rewarded with one point per mile driven safely. The sponsor will be notified once you accomplish your safe mile goal. So choose the app that fulfills all your need and make the best use of it. Happy Driving! Also, while you browse these apps for a safe driving practice, do not forget that the safety of the vehicle is also important.

So, check if your car insurance is in place, because, along with you even your vehicle needs to be secured.