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5 Tips To Maximise The Resale Value Of Your Bike

You may have had a lot of happy memories associated with your motorbike, but there will come a time where you will have to part way with it. It is right at this point that as a bike owner you would think of strategies to increase your vehicle’s resale value. Proper maintenance and servicing at regular intervals will keep the vehicles in top shape, thus fetching owners the best prices. Other than this, there are a few other tactics that can enhance the resale value of your bike. Let’s take a look at 5 such handy tips:-

Planning the resale process

If you are thinking of selling your bike, make sure you get the right price for it. Increasing your bike’s resale value is the first thing to do in this regard. Here are the top five tips that can fetch you the best price for your mean machine!

1.Paint Jobs

Even if you have used the motorbike for quite a few years, don’t let that show up in its appearance. Paint jobs are essential for remodelling your used bike thus appreciating its value to a great extent. Most importantly, paint jobs help you hide the actual age of the bike which is the key to attracting numerous customers.


Changing the grips will also work wonders. You can change the existing ones and put durable, comfortable, and long-lasting grips. That will not only increase the efficiency of the vehicle but also increase its saleability. Even though the buyer pays less for a used bike, he will surely check whether it is in perfect working condition. Make sure all the important parts are up and running along with the grips.

3.Oiling the Chain

Before you sell the bike, it is imperative to oil the chain and ensure it is in top shape. Every bike owner will want to get the best price for his vehicle. However, a neglected and unoiled chain will depreciate its performance as well as its price. Oiling doesn’t need to be a complicated process. You should be aware of the right tips and make sure it’s done in the right way!

4.Keep It Well

An unclean, cluttered, and dirty garage is certainly not the place for your vehicle. Make sure you find the right place for it, as that will prevent the accumulation of dust and grime. At times, improper storage affects the performance of your bike to a great extent. You have to keep it in a clean and functional space where it’s maintained well.

5.Check the Performance

If you are using your bike quite often, check its performance at regular intervals. That will give you an idea of the current state. Used bikes can get sold at quite high prices if you guide the buyer in the right way.

You don’t have to plan a complete revamp; a bit of maintenance and servicing will do the needful. Keep these essential tips in mind and increase your bike’s resale value soon!