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5 Tips You Must Know To Modify Car Interiors

Let’s admit, buying our dream car burns a hole in our pocket, how little it may be. And  just in case it has been years that you are driving your car and want a change, the most economical way to brush away your boredom is to revamp your old car instead of buying a new one. Here are five cool tips that you may consider as you embark on changing your car interiors.

Upgrading Car Stereo System

If you are too bored of playing the old car stereo system that only plays audio via a pen drive or a CD, its high time you take a look at the new and advanced stereo systems that are available in the market. Several reputed brands like Sony, Woodman and Pioneer have come up with an LCD which allows you to play video along with the audio. The Woodman Luxury WMLX22 Android Double Din With Inbuilt GPS Navigation System & Screen Mirroring Car Stereo  (Double Din) has features like touchscreen and steering wheel controls. Streaming audio is quite hassle free as you can do it via Bluetooth, SD or USB.

Adding a Mini and Portable Refrigerator

Make your long drives more enjoyable by adding this to your car. Modify your car by keeping a mini and portable refrigerator wherein you can store your favourite food and beverages. Tropicool is perhaps the most popular brand that offers a wide range of refrigerators suitable for cars.

Customised Steering Wheel

Jazz up your car interior by replacing your old steering wheel with a customised one.  Install a customised steering wheel and escalate your driving experience by choosing from a plethora of brands like Grant, Momo, Sparco, B&I and Sherwood to name a few.

Plastic Spray Painting Car Interiors

Plastic painting is an easy technique to refurbish your car interiors without much fuss. It is known for its better adhering abilities, and they do not fade. Plastic spray painting tends to spread evenly over the surface, giving your car interior a nice smooth finish. You can also add glitters to your car interiors to add some bling to your favourite toy.

Upgrading Gear Knobs, Hand Brakes and Dash Board Function

Why use your same old gear knobs when there are a variety of options available in the market? You can choose from a wide selection of gear knobs ranging from leatherette ones to LED, from mahogany finish to your own customised one.

Hand brakes, also known as emergency brakes are used to keep your vehicle stationary. Refurbish your car by letting go of your old hand brake and install a customised one. You can also lend your car a brand new look by upgrading your dashboard by adding airbags, GPS, music system or performance gears.

Hope these few tips were useful in modifying your car interiors. So ride in style!

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