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5 Ways To Improve The Fuel Mileage Of Your Car | RenewBuy

Steep rise in the fuel prices is one of the major concerns for car owners now-a-days. Unable to cope up with the ever increasing price of fuel, we have to, but resort to other means of communication. Buying a car that gives the best mileage is undoubtedly the wisest thing to. But do you know that if your car is not properly maintained, it can burn up to 30% more fuel? Here we bring you five effective ways with which you can improve the fuel efficiency of your car.

Properly Inflated Tyres

Checking the pressure of your tyres must be done once in a month. Properly inflated tyres can reduce the consumption of your fuel by 3%. Do not over inflate the tyres. The ideal pressure fluctuates in summer and winter. Check your car’s manual to see the recommended pressure. The limit that is stamped on the tyres is the maximum and not the recommended.

A Regular Engine Check-Up

To get the best mileage you must keep the engine of your car in a sound condition. Get your car checked up regularly, as recommended in the manual. Change the oil often, check whether the car has good spark plugs and make sure that the air filter is clean. It is necessary to change spark plugs if your car has already run for 30000 miles as fresh plugs that are not smeared with carbon deposit does not burn excess fuel.

Clean Air Filter

Your engine is likely to consume more fuel if the air filter is unclean. The air filter becomes clogged when it is plied on dusty roads. The engine finds it tough to suck air through a clogged sir filter and hence, ends up consuming more fuel to run the engine smoothly. Hence, it is recommended to change the air filter once a year so that you enjoy the best mileage.

Give your Fuel Injectors an Ultra Sonic Bath

Ultra sonic cleaning is the best technique of cleansing your fuel injectors. In this technique, a small tube is filled with a detergent solution and is hit with ultra-high frequency vibrations, which effectively removes the carbon deposit off the fuel injectors. This results in better running of your car engine and hence, an improved mileage. The engine does not consume excess fuel as the cleansed injectors give an even fuel air mix and improves mileage.

Lighten the Load

It is always recommended to buy a light weighed car. Even when you are shopping for your car accessories, make sure that you don’t burden your car unnecessarily. The lighter the load, the more effective is the fuel consumption. When you set out for a journey, try and avoid burdening your car with stuffs you don’t need. Moreover, it is best if you remove the roof rack of your car as it creates wind drag.

Besides these techniques, try to drive in the highest gear possible and refrain from applying heavy braking. Drive as smoothly as you can by applying light throttle to enhance the fuel efficiency of your car.