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5 Winter Road Trips In India To Go On With Your Friends

Winter season offers a beautiful weather for a long road journey. The fuel usage is optimum, the sky is clear, and the sun gives adequate comfort during the day time. Although hill stations are the first to excite our junket the minute we think of a road trip, the season is not so ideal for that activity, thanks to numerous road blockades due to excess snowfall high up on the hills.

Today, we recommend 5 best road trips that are just perfect for travelling during the winter months with your besties.

Bangalore – Bandipur Forest

Let us start this list with something unusual that does not quite figure out on in most of the lists. When we talk of incredible road journeys, this one is one you must never miss. A scenic trip through the thick green jungles will certainly impress any traveller’s imagination. This 235-kilometer long road trip is sure to give you happy moments to cherish forever.

Kolkata- Digha

Without a doubt, this is an excellent road trip during winter, and every travel lover in the eastern India will just adore this dream drive. This 180-kilometer long route is stippled with green grasslands ending at the sea which not only makes you happy but also relieves you from the tensions in life. Given the availability of tasty cuisine in the Dhabas throughout the stretch, there is nothing more you could ask.

Vishakhapatnam- Araku Valley

This idyllic winter road journey along the charmingly picturesque hillside and the mild bend of roads is doubtlessly one of the incomparable choices available for planning an escapade. The loveable winter breeze playing with your hair is certain to make you fall in love with this 116-kilometer road of supreme tranquillity.

Mumbai-Rann of Kutch

This stretch is one of the longest road trips in the western India. The Rann of Kutch known as the white desert is a salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in Gujarat. The 932 Km distance can be completed in about two to three with stopovers in some fascinating destinations on the way like Ankleshwar and Vadodara. The road trip can take you from Vadodara, one of the busiest cities in the country to Rann of Kutch.

Jaipur – Jaisalmer

Though the Jaipur- Jaisalmer, 568 Km stretch, is something you will be extremely impressed with; still, this is one of the lesser talked about road journeys. You can take a stopover at Jodhpur in between, and the desert zooms along past you as you drench in the winter sun. Soak yourself in the colours of the desert and don’t forget to savour the yummy ethnic food options available along the way.

Nothing can beat the thrill of being on the road, right? India is a beautiful country, and the best way to explore the country is via road transport. So, where are you headed this winter? Let us know in the comments below, and we would love hearing your story.