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8 Essential Items To Complete Your Biking Kit

Ever ready to go on adventures is a trait typical to bike enthusiasts. Zooming your bike through the lanes of your city or the lush green locales in them with an adrenaline rush is a part of every biker's bucket list. No matter how exciting it sounds, it definitely has its share of perils. One needs to make them self well equipped to go on long trips by your bike. Hence, what better than keeping a biking kit which will have all the essential equipment for a hassle-free drive? We give you a list of 8 essential items which can complete your biking kit.

Tool Set

A tool set is like a first aid kit for your bike. When you cover long distances, it is best to equip yourself to face the worst. Hence, a well-equipped tool set is a must when you hit the road. A few items to complete your tool set are Snap-On Torque Wrench, RK chain tool, Mityvac Brake Bleeder, Pit Bull Stands, Goss Blowtorch, String-Type Tire Plug, Motion Pro 6-in-1 Allen Key and Traxxion Dynamics Fork Rebuild Tools.

Rain Suits

Weather is unpredictable. The bright blazing sky can all of a sudden turn gloomy. So, it is best to prepare yourself for such conditions before you set out for a long bike ride. Always keep a   waterproof jacket, boots and gloves to face torrential rain. Otherwise, while driving, you will feel cold due to getting drenched. It can lead to a fatal condition called hyperthermia. So, do not forget to keep a rain suit in the kit to meet the unforeseen weather conditions. We recommend you to buy a bright coloured rain suit, preferably two-piece so that you are noticeable when the visibility is poor.

First Aid Zipper Bag

First aid kits are a must, not only for indoors but also when we are going out. Our roads are full of perils; we never know what danger may befall us. Hence, always keep a few first-aid items like an antiseptic, a band aid and a few medicines in a zipper bag (to save space).

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Mud, dust, soil, bird poop may mar the beauty of your bike when you travel long distances. So, always keep a cleaning cloth, preferably microfiber to clean your bike from time to time

Water bottles

Travelling long distances with bikes can be physically taxing. It is always recommended to keep yourself hydrated when you are covering long distances under the sun.

Bike Maintenance Book

All bikes come with a manual. Make sure that you carry the manual every time you step out so that you can refer to it in case your bike breaks down, and there are no auto repair centres nearby.

GPS Navigation Unit

In a bike ride, it is the journey that is more exciting than the destination. So, it is always best to keep ourselves well-informed about the routes that we are taking. Carrying a map may be an inexpensive substitute, they are surely not easy to use while driving. Though smartphones, nowadays, can double as a GPS unit there’s nothing better than a motorcycle specific GPS unit. Take for example the Tom Tom Rider, which offers voice-guided navigations via a Bluetooth helmet. It will also give you map updates and help you search the nearest hotels. They are hardy, waterproof and the buttons are glove friendly.

Face Shield

Always keep a face shield in your kit to ward off mud, dust, bugs, etc. that might obscure vision leading to distracted driving assemble your bike kit,

While you pack your biking kit to head out for your favourite destination, do not forget to check your vehicle insurance.