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8 Items You Must Have In Your Car All The Time

Bad driving can be considered a routine event on Indian roads. Every turn, every highway, you will easily find someone who is breaking one or more traffic rule and has no regard, whatsoever, for what problem it is causing to the others. Although you might come across a few rational drivers, still it is a sad truth that a huge majority of the drivers are downright irrational. Let's have a look at the kinds of drivers that you usually encounter on Indian roads.

  • Speedy drivers – No number of rules, regulations, traffic signals, or traffic jam can make them slow down their pace. Inspired by the most popular racing games Need for Speed and the upbeat Hollywood racing movies, these drivers think of the Indian roads as their racing track and drive carelessly endangering not only their life but of others too on the road.


  • The slow drivers – This category of drivers usually drive within a speed limit of 30 km/hr. Though driving slow and carefully is good, but on highways, a little fast driving brings no harm. While the speedy drivers make you nervous, the slow ones will spike up your irritation level. Therefore, one should learn the difference between driving slowly and driving carefully.


  • The Over-cautious ones – These types of drivers are extremely nervous and afraid to drive on roads. Their lack of confidence in their driving abilities, combined with the rush on highways, makes them over-cautious. You will find these drivers always driving within the speed limit, and never or hardly ever crossing the speed limit. Their hesitance to take turns at proper timing, cross the roads even when there is minimal traffic, and many other such delayed decisions often result in road accidents. Be sure to avoid driving behind or near such drivers on the road for your safety.


  • The distracted drivers – These drivers are often found talking over the smartphone or with their friends and paying little or no attention to the road. They are one of the primary reasons for a large number of accidents on the Indian roads. Even though they are completely aware that driving while talking on phone or texting is strictly prohibited for all the right reasons, they still choose to pay no heed to such rules, thus putting many lives in danger.


  • The rational ones – Enough about making fun of Indian drivers! Let's talk about the good drivers. The reasonable ones are an ideal kind of drivers. Although they are very few, they still exist. They are the ones who stay fully aware of their surroundings and traffic rules while driving. They know where to slow down, and where to speed up. They follow all the basic rules like maintaining a safe distance between the vehicle ahead of them, stopping at the traffic signs, driving on the left side, and much more.


We are sure even you do encounter one of these drivers on a daily basis while you are driving. Based on our classification of drivers into five different categories let us know in which category you would keep yourself?