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Automatic Transmission Vs Manual Transmission Cars

You don’t necessarily need to have a path-breaking knowledge about the cars to decide whether automatic transmission or manual transmission is best for you. Driving a car is a craft that doesn’t come handy to everyone. So, for people with inadequate knowledge of car mechanics, an automatic transmission is ideal.

However, if you have an understanding of the nuances of the car mechanics, the manual transmission is what you need to extract the maximum from your car. So, before making a decision, take a few moments to educate yourself about the pros and cons of automatic and manual transmission.

Automatic Transmission- It is a new age transmission that is increasingly being adopted worldwide by car manufacturers. An automatic transmission is highly popular among the motorists because:-

  • It is easy to use- Though people who are conversant with the car driving think that there is nothing complicated about shifting gears and working on a clutch, new drivers, who have just learn this skill find it frightening and frustrating. Hence, for the newbies, an automatic transmission is the best as it is simpler and requires less time to master the skills.

  • Best for the hilly areas- If you are an inexperienced driver, you may find it difficult to drive the vehicle on expressways and hilly roads. Any mistake can lead to loss of life. In such cases, manual transmission enables your car to navigate efficiently irrespective of how steep the hill is.
  • Heavy Traffic- Traffic snarls are nightmares for the inexperienced drivers. Automatic transmission helps the driver to move more smoothly without having to push a pedal.

Benefits of Manual Transmission

The bygone era makes us remind that if you want to get into the car driving, it is important to learn the technicalities. The drivers still favour Manual Transmission due to the following reasons:-

  • It is inexpensive to purchase- If you are planning to buy a car without disturbing your finances, then nothing can compete for a car with manual transmission. Moreover, automatic transmission requires a fluid which is expensive and needs regular changing.
  • Easy to maintain- As a lot of machinery is loaded with the automatic transmission, so maintenance cost automatically increases. On the other hand, manual transmission cars require a minimal amount of maintenance.
  • Better fuel efficiency-Manual transmission engine is less complex and offers more fuel efficiency as compared to the automatic transmission.
  • Other Benefits: Apart from that, the automatic transmission is expensive to manufacture, is heavier than traditional transmission, and has a higher rate of failure due to its complex nature.


There is no doubt that automatic transmission is much easier than manual, but the final decision rests with you, and on the driving experience you wish to have. If you want to control the car yourself, go for manual transmission else, if you are seeking comfort while driving, automobile transmission controlled car is apt for you.

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