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7-Seater SUVs In India Between 5-7 Lacs

Are you planning to change your car since you are in need of a bigger one now? Indians have always preferred hatchbacks over big cars, but recent trends show that the market for 7 seaters is clocking phenomenal growth.

Buying a 7 seater is an excellent choice for large families in India, but there exist a few difficulties too. 7-seaters are usually bigger than hatchbacks and take extra space to park which is a problem for people staying in a congested area. Sometimes it becomes difficult to ride on busy roads for the same reason. However, when you have more than five members in your family and wish to go out together, then a 7 seater is the best option for you.

What are the options you have?

Fortunately, there are still few of them available within the price range of 5-7 lakhs, an equivalent amount of a good hatchback. Here are few of them which you may check out before you take the final decision:


: When the top end of the car retails at Rs 5 lakhs, you know you have a great cost effective option in hand. The Datsun Go+ sports a 1198cc engine mated to 5-speed manual gearbox with a front wheel drive. While the drive quality may not be premium, it certainly does the job for performance on the rugged terrains of India.



: If you are looking for a 7 seater at the price of a hatchback, this one is for you. Priced at around 6.22 lakhs, the Ertiga comes with an SHVS technology that ensures improved fuel efficiency. The front two rows are fit for adults whereas the last row is designed for kids. The mileage of the car is close to 25 km/l.



: This MPV has one option in 7-seater and is backed by the efficient service network of Maruti. With an ARAI fuel efficiency of 15.1 km/l (petrol), it is a great option for commercial use and is also suitable for bigger families. Priced at 3.6 lakhs, it hits the sweet spot on the price factor too.



: This one is a marvel from Ford which has made its mark in the category of compact SUV segment. This 5-speed manual geared car is the first from Ford to come with an Emergency Assist. The mileage is close to 20 km/l, and the price is within affordable range of 6.75 lakhs.



: One of the best models from Chevrolet with a boot space of 200 litres and smart tech diesel engine, this car has a mileage of 18 km/l and a price close to 5 lakhs. Known as an economical car for large families in India, it has a kerb weight of 1330 kg. The fuel capacity is 50 litres and provides an excellent mix of comfort and style to the buyer.

With these choices, getting a roomy vehicle at a lower price point will be possible. Do write to us and let us know which one of these you will be finalising as your next purchase.