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Own A Bike? - DIY Tips To Clean It Effectively | RenewBuy

We tend to become lazy when it comes to cleaning our bikes. The squealing chain and the balky shifting are conversations we all want to avoid, and for that to happen, it is necessary that we clean our bikes regularly. Moreover, a dirty bike can reflect a careless image of you, and we are sure you won’t like that. Have a look at some easy tips to clean your bike:

Clean your chain

The chain is an important component of your bike and hence requires special attention. However, before you begin to clean it, check for its condition. You can use greasepaint or any oil of your choice to clean and lubricate every part of the chain properly. Lightly coat every link and every side plate of your chain carefully and make sure that the chain rings are well lubricated. Also, ensure the cassette is well lubricated. You can also use a cloth to remove the grime settled on your chain links. After the lubrication, you will notice that the squeaking would vanish.

A bike bath

Wet your bike using a water spray or use a water hose for this purpose. It is necessary for removing the mud casing on certain parts of your bike. If you are using a hose, then you need to be careful that the water does not enter the bearings of your bike. For the next step, you can use warm water as it does the work faster. To do that, mix hot water in a bucket with any washing liquid or shampoo if you don’t have a washing liquid. Use a sponge or cloth or a brush to clean every part of your bike thoroughly.  Clean the controls, tires, rims, frame, fork, shocks, but don't try cleaning the drive train as that will make your entire bike oily.


Now you need to rinse your bike thoroughly and carefully. You can do this using a washcloth. It will take a lot of time, but it is safer than using a water hose. If you are in a hurry and want to complete the task quickly, then you can opt for the water hose. You need to be careful while using it. Take care that water does not squirt over the hubs, bottom bracket, headset or suspension seal.

Smaller parts need more attention

You can use a brush to clean the smaller areas like the crankset, under the fork, around the brakes and others. You will need to scrub the rims if you have standard brakes as it will keep them in the functional state always.


After rinsing your bike, to remove any soap deposition, you need to dry your bike. Use and wipe dry your bike completely. Once it dries, you can use a bike polish to give it that extra shine.


Lubricate the important joints of your bike like brake arms, rear derailleur, front mech, jockey wheel, etc. and you are good to go. You can use Finish Line Wet lubricant as it lasts for longer durations and you can use it on most of the moving parts of the bike.