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Cars That Owners Regret Buying - RenewBuy

Cars are considered a valuable asset by almost all who own it – except for some unfortunate car owners. It takes some faith and muscle to buy these cars because generally, people regret owning these.

Small SUV: Jeep Compass

The rapidly expanding SUV market greeted the all new player Jeep Compass with pomp and pleasure, but the car lost its magic within a few days. Thanks to the small and cramped cabin, narrow seats, lacklustre performance, inappropriate rear view mirror, feeble acceleration, low comfort level and sluggish performance, only 46-percent users are now looking forward to purchasing the model again.

Nissan Pathfinder

On the face of it, the vehicle seems to be masculine in nature: rugged, able to withhold any weather condition with sublimity. But when we look deep into its hood we find it otherwise. The car lacks ruggedness that it promises, gas mileage is severely low, seats are uncomfortable, and it scores low on the reliability test. This is not the kind of car that an owner will recommend to his near and dear ones.

Dodge Dart

A famous saying goes 'cars are neighbours envy and owner's pride'. But Dodge Cart never made its way into the people’s heart due to various factors like for instance, low fuel economy, slow acceleration level, poor engine performance and many other technical snags.

Chrysler 200

Whenever we buy a new car, a smile is plastered on our face, but for few models, whenever we take a look at the performance, we regret purchasing them. Chrysler 200 is one of the few models users regret buying, and many factors contribute to the same. The reasons cited are: outdated four-cylinder engines, clumsy handling, entering and exiting car is a task in itself especially when the rear seat is overly cramped and tight. All these factors along with the addition of irritating cabin noise forces users to ditch the model and lookout for something better.

Nissan Frontier

Sometimes our expectations meet short of the promises made by the brands. Nissan, a front-runner in the car market, has strengthened our belief in this quote, “All that glitters are not gold.” Yes! Despite its size, Nissan Frontier forced users to go through unwanted road noise. The uncomfortable seats giving a stiff ride, clumsy steering further added to the woes of Nissan buyers.

Acura ILX

Sometimes even a single missed opportunity creates a permanent bruise. Acura ILX faced the same issue and was qualified as the biggest disappointment because of lack of acceleration, shaky ride, poor quality, and high price. Even after regular updates, the car failed to meet the customer’s expectations.

Though many of the factors listed above can be ignored, but still if the issue persists, then it surely impacts the overall rating of a car. Out of these 6 models, who would you pick as the ‘worst car’? We would love to hear your car experience and reasons you are in no mood to replace the current model.