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Change Your Air Filter With These Smart DIY Tips | RenewBuy

You might be thrilled to ride your mean machine, as it delivers unmatched performance every time you take it on the roads. However, it is crucial to understand and care for the auto parts, mechanical components, features, and properties that enable this performance boost. High-end auto parts manufactured with innovative technologies can turn a simple bike into a dream machine!

It’s here that owners need to realize the significance of effective maintenance. You shouldn’t wait for these parts to go useless as that will lead to severe inconvenience. Preventive servicing and maintenance is the key, and that will help you keep the vehicle in top shape.

Significance of Air Filters

The air filter in a two-wheeler is an important component of your vehicle. Dysfunctional air filters can affect the vehicle’s performance to a great extent, which creates the demand for replacements. You can check whether there’s room for servicing on the existing parts or would you have to go for a complete replacement. At times, the problem is severe, and you have to install a new air filter.  Your efforts and time involved in the air filter replacement project will depend on the vehicle type. Even then, some of the smart DIY filter replacement tips can help you out!

1.Refer to Owner’s Manual

Before trying out the replacement process, make sure you take a look at the owner’s manual. If there’s something you need to know about the vehicle, it’s here that you will find those facts.

2.Identify the Filter Type

Air filters are of diverse types and have distinctive features. Before getting down to performing replacements, determine the type of the filter. Some of the standard options are:

  • Paper Air Filters
  • Foam Air Filters
  • Sponge-Type Air Filter

3.Gain Access

If you need to replace the component, you will have to get access to it first. Try removing the gas tank carefully and make sure you turn the petcock ‘off’. After removing the filter, it is imperative to keep the air box covered to prevent dust and dirt accumulation during prolonged exposure!

4.Installing it the Right Way

While putting the new air filter in, you have to check the air flow direction. If you see a rubber ‘o’ ring, position it in the suitable direction. The prime emphasis should always be on getting the orientation right. After installation, don't forget to place the cover on the top.

5.Final Touches

Your job isn’t complete, as a significant segment of the task is still left. Tighten the screws after placing the cover and perform the step in alternate motions. That will help you apply and adjust the cover pressure evenly.

Get, Set, Go

These steps and DIY tips will be quite useful whenever there’s an air filter replacement project. Your vehicle will deliver unparalleled on-road performance with a well- maintained air filter.