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Checklist For Buying New Two Wheeler / Bike | RenewBuy

The practicality and convenience of using a two wheeler in crowded and narrow lanes have bolstered its sales considerably. If you are planning to buy a two-wheeler, check out the key points to consider:


A brand that combines style and convenience with practicality needs to be considered. The established brand will assure you the quality and high resale value. Moreover, the branded two wheelers are loaded with so many features that you can head out to anywhere and leave nothing behind. Honda, Yamaha, and Bajaj are three of the most popular manufacturers that you can consider.


Before buying a two wheeler, it is important to consider the budget. While scooters mostly cost around Rs. INR 45,000 to 70,000, bikes have a bigger price range with the Royal Enfield Continental GT going up to Rs 2 lakhs. A sports bike like the Suzuki Hayabusa retails for Rs 13-14 lakhs! The price for a model depends on the feature, technology, and cc capacity. So generally, a 150cc bike will cost less than a 350cc or 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet.


Though many branded companies claim for improved mid- range performance, ultimately what matters is mileage. Mileage is nothing but the distance covered by the vehicle with one litre of fuel. On an average, a decent two-wheeler will be able to provide you with a mileage of 35-40 km/l, with scooters going as good as 50-55 km/l on the highways. However, don’t confuse daily commuting mileage will be slightly lesser.


Buying a two wheeler is not an easy decision. Hence, it is important to check the vehicle thoroughly. If you fire up the engine and notice that the noise and vibration levels can’t be managed or you feel a fair amount of vibes, then it’s better not to consider that motor bike.

The engine is always a bone of contention. In fact, by taking a test drive, you can come to know whether your motor bike can handle two overweight adults on board or not.

5.Safety features

Just like before buying a car, an individual needs to consider the safety kit that includes ABS, EBD, traction control, rear seats and radar based assistance system. Similarly, before buying a bike, there are certain safety features (engine immobiliser, brake system, anti-lock brake system, and disc brakes) that you need to think upon, as it saves the rider and the bike from any untoward incidents.

The decision to buy a two wheeler needs to be done after careful research and after factoring in your preferences. For starters, these are the essential points to be considered to make your decision easier.