Comprehensive Guide to Buy the Best Car Audio System

You are out for a drive and the AC is on full blast and you have your sunglasses on. Life is good, you feel like listening to some music and you crank up that audio system of yours, you hear nothing…

You are out for a drive and the AC is on full blast and you have your sunglasses on. Life is good, you feel like listening to some music and you crank up that audio system of yours, you hear nothing but static. The coveted music player in your car has gone bust, the trip is ruined, life is back to being sad again. This scenario can be avoided entirely if the entire purchase process would have been done with a tiny bit of research, here’s a comprehensive guide to buy the best car audio system.

Best Car Audio System in India

Pioneer DEH X9600BHS

Pioneer has been one of the biggest players in this game and also one of the best car audio systems in India. The DEH9600BHS allows for the integration of smartphones, a decent playback accepting most file formats. The major advantage of this player being, it doesn’t matter if you go up or down the price range in this music system, you will be the recipient of some the best quality sound in this business. With 200 watts of maximum power output and 80 RMS of continuous output, Pioneer takes ‘audio’ very seriously which is why you will not be disappointed if you put your money on this one.

Kenwood Excelon KD-X998

This Kenwood Excelon allows your sound to be customised almost endlessly which makes it one of the best cars audio systems that money can buy. There are some brilliant options that you can utilise to tune the sound, namely, the equaliser settings, the road conditions, the genre, etc. Kenwood’s high-fidelity output along with the smartphone integration makes for some brilliant options to work upon. Along with having a standard radio receiver, the Kenwood Excelon KD-X998 also gives user the option of playing songs from internet radio. We have not yet come to the best part though; its display is what makes it stand head and shoulder above other brands. The display is crisp, uncluttered and extremely legible, which makes reading the information very simple. The informative, interactive panel can be easily detached to prevent people from stealing the unit.

Sony MXGS810BH

One of the best car audio system brands for 2018 is without a doubt Sony. The highlight of this audio system is a 220watt built-in amplifier, that can bump up the sound to inaudible levels. It can play any audio format along with music that can be activated by voice commands given to Siri or Google. Another great highlight of this system is the built-in HD radio receiver. It transmits HD quality music along with traditional radio frequency, the metadata is embedded in the transmitted frequency which means when the DJ plays a particular song, it will display the name of the artist and any other information that comes with it. If you like a song that is playing, you can tag it and download it, with the help of iTunes. The endless playback options, be it CD, radio, Bluetooth, USB etc. coupled with the high-quality sound output makes this a great option to go for.

Sony XAV-AX100

Unitl now we have had a look at systems that one can interact with, by pressing buttons and tiny digital screens displaying the name of the song or artist. This music player from Sony, which also happens to be one of the best car audio systems for 2018, has a giant 6.1-inch touchscreen display that looks like a 2-din unit as it does not have a CD player. One can view traffic information, take calls, interact with the unit to choose the kind of music the person wants to play. This media player is one of the best systems one can find in the business.

Media players are just one part of the entire system, let's look at a speaker that can go with it, to complete the setup.

Infinity REF-9623ix 300W

The infinity delivers excellent sound while consuming very little power in the process. These 6”X9”, 3-way systems, have a pair of inbuilt tweeters that provide a brilliant overall sound at a very good price. Get a couple of these and team them up with any of the above-mentioned media players to have a great surround-sound experience, within the confines of your very own car.

Besides the media players and the speakers, it is also essential to have a look at the content that is played through these systems. It is very important to have file formats such as FLAC to get the best output in terms of sheer sound quality and reproduction of the music in general. Sound systems may seem complicated to set up, but once in place, rest assured it will make every trip that you go on an experience that is worth your time.

So, now you have a full Comprehensive guide to buy the best car audio system. Just hit the roads and enjoy your drive with music. And also ensure that your car insurance in place.

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