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Why Should You Consider A Hatchback Over A Sedan?

In the U.S., sedans are sold more than hatchbacks. That is not the case in most other countries, where customers like hatchbacks better than their more traditional sedan counterparts. If you adore hatchbacks, we can provide you adequate reasons in support of your decision. Let’s check out why hatchbacks are rightfully a superior selection.


  1. Availability of more space

Hatchbacks have undergone many changes in to provide unmatched space comfort for customers, and almost all the new feature additions have been beneficial. A hatchback comes with an equal luggage space on its back like a sedan. Besides this, a hatchback can provide more space within a few minutes by lowering the back seats.


  1. Ideal For urban families

As hatchbacks are sleek, involve limited maintenance, have superior fuel efficiency, and provide good storage space, they are apt for families living in an urban area and are useful for everyday trips be it a drive to kid’s school, office, the market for some grocery shopping or anything else. People love hatchbacks also because they can be easily parked and can be manoeuvred easily through the crowded city lanes.


  1. Good resale value

Hatchbacks command the highest resale value and specifically much better than a sedan. The idea to buy a hatchback appears more pertinent if it’s your first vehicle as after few years it can be sold at a very good price and the amount can be used to buy a better car. For example, popular hatchbacks like Toyota Prius c, Mini Cooper nearly command an average resale value of more than 58-percent in just 3 years.


  1. Better option for generation Y

 Hatchbacks are often perceived as a perfect option for the current generation. Hatchbacks feature different colour and style choices - from sleek muscular designs of the Maruti Vitara Brezza to sparkling colours of Renault Kwid.

Typically, hatchbacks provide excellent fuel efficiency; low maintenance costs and are pocket-friendly. Hence it easily fits in the budget of the sole income earners too.


To conclude

When you compare the two car choices based on parameters like driving comfort, engine power, ease of handling and safety aspects, hatchbacks have a big edge over sedans. Hatchbacks offer good boot space, better fuel efficiency, excellent quality compact engine and better road manoeuvrability.

Also, a hatchback has an attractive design with fantastic handling as well as safety features. Given the availability of such features in a hatchback at a starting price of Rs. 3 lakhs, buying sedan of at a starting price of Rs. 7 lakhs doesn’t seem to be a right decision.

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