Cyber Jagrukta: A Step Towards A Secured Insurance Industry

With the expansion of digitization across the globe, cyber security is at stake. The government is taking every possible step to spread awareness to the individuals. To accomplish the same, the…

With the expansion of digitization across the globe, cyber security is at stake. The government is taking every possible step to spread awareness to the individuals. To accomplish the same, the Ministry of Home Affairs initiated the celebration of Cyber Jagrukta Diwas or Cyber Awareness Day, on the first Wednesday of every month. The main objective is to create awareness and sensitize internet users through seminars, quiz competitions, interactive sessions, creative studies, and more.

What is Cyber Jagrukta?

The Cyber Jagrukta Project was introduced by India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to encourage responsible behaviour online and raise public knowledge of cyber security issues. The initiative aims to educate individuals about the dangers of cybercrime and assist them in implementing the appropriate security measures to safeguard their data and online identities.

Why is Cyber Jagrukta a matter of Concern?

Did you know that between 2016 and 2018, India ranked second among the countries affected by cyber-attacks? Since then, cyber-attacks have globally increased by 125% through 2021. No industry, including the government or the private, remains safe from cyber threats, and the insurance industry also has not remained untouched. Moving your eyes to the recent incident of 2023, the Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB) has faced a cyberattack, and the data it holds may have been compromised, as informed by the sources. 

No wonder buying insurance online has become more accessible with the fast-growing technology and digitization. With the same, cyber threats are also at their peak. Any cyber breach can cause financial losses and reputational damage to the insurance industry and the individual. How do you keep yourself informed while buying insurance among the rising threats, and how do you safeguard your personal information and financial data? Cyber Jagrukta is a highly contributing resource to promote necessary security measures about cyber security to both insurers and the insured. 

How Does Cyber Jagrukta Help?

Cyber Jagrukta has been proven as a game changer in the landscape of cyber attacks observed. The training helps businesses form a powerful defensive weapon that spreads consciousness and reduces risk. Cyber Awareness can help in such a way

  • Improves overall password security
  • Reduce the cost of phishing
  • Every ready human and tech asset to deal with cyber attacks
  • A clear understanding of required security measures.
  • Companies having regular security awareness programs reduce the risks of cyber threats
  • Reduces the security related issues
  • A better understanding of cyber rules and regulations
  • A company practising cyber awareness regularly builds trust among its partners and customers.

How to Beat a Cyber Threat?

The government has observed that 60% of cybercrime complaints are financial fraud related. To create a secure online environment for insurance buyers and sellers, the following cyber security tips can beat a cyber threat

  • Keep your systems and software updated regularly
  • Enable two or multi-faced authentication for any transaction of a secured login
  • Avoid using dictionary passwords, and use a strong one.
  • Do not fall into any emergency action trap
  • Update your antivirus software
  • Be cyber-socially aware
  • Do not click on malicious links shared on social media
  • Visit authorized websites only

How to Report a Cyber Threat?

In any unfortunate case, if you are trapped in a cyber threat, the government has offered a safety number to be more cyber-safe. The government has introduced National Cyber Crime Helpline Number 1930. You can also file a formal complaint on within 24 hours of the fraud.

In the End

Cyber Jagrukta is an initiative that has helped businesses and customers raise awareness and avoid risk. Or, in the most uncertain cases, if a person meets any threats, cyber security helps to take safety actions before it's too late. Investing in online insurance or financial activity can only cause damage once you ignore the risks. Cyber Jagrukta plays the part here of keeping you informed about cyber security measures, risk management, and strengthening actions. 

So, let's get risk insured with Cyber Jagrukta. 


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