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Going On Solo Cross-Country Bike Ride? Read these 10 points

A bike ride is extremely enjoyable and refreshes you after a long week. Make this experience worthwhile by packing smartly and following certain routines before and during the bike ride. Following are some essential tips for you to use while planning a bike ride.

Carry a physical map

Sounds old fashioned and outdated, but this will help you when you take a wrong turn, and at that precise moment, your network plans to take a nap. A physical map will hardly take up much space and will turn helpful.

Proper planning

Do not plan on the go. It is better to plan your route beforehand and keep options for alternative routes in case of roadblocks.

Good quality and comfortable bike.

Try not to go for second-hand bikes unless you are very sure about it as you do not want to be stranded in the middle of the road in case the bike breaks down. The bike needs to be comfortable so that you can have a pleasant journey.

Carry cash

It would be very unwise not to carry some amount of ready cash with you. You will need it if you are in any remote area or you need to buy something urgently or if you have to get out of a sticky situation.  Keep a certain amount of cash with you always.

Carry rain gear

You might find yourself in the midst of rain, and if you forget to bring your rain gear in such a scenario, it might create problems for you. So, ensure that before you leave for your ride, you have your rain gear safely tucked in.

Carry a power bank

It is essential to carry a power bank if you are travelling alone. If your cell phone dies mid-journey, it will not be very helpful for you especially when there are no roadside inns nearby. Moreover, you will not be able to click all those memorable snaps anymore. It is better to carry a battery pack than being stranded on a deserted road with a dead cell phone.

Preparations before going out

You must train yourself well before setting out as you will have to drive continually for a long time, so you need your stamina. Similarly, you need to prepare yourself mentally for the mud and grit, horrible weather, occasional falls and in some cases challenges of accommodation.

Do not over pack

Pack only that amount of clothes that you require and do not overburden yourself. Your clothes need to be comfortable according to the places you plan to travel. Most towns have public laundry, so you can wash your clothes on your way if you feel that they are too stinky.

Carry a tool kit

Carrying a flat repair kit is always the safest option, in case you have a flat with no repair shop nearby. You can do your repairs yourself and carry on with your journey.

Take required breaks

Know your strength and stamina. Do not overexert yourself as this will do your body more harm than good, and you may feel too weak in the middle of the road.

Oil Cans

Keep few oil cans handy just in case. You never know how far the next fuel station may be.

Before you step out for the journey, check if your two insurance renewal date is nearby. If it is, get the renewal done ensuring the safety of both you and your vehicle.