Is Your Car Protected Against Fire?

Is Your Car Protected Against Fire? Vehicle fires are one of common type of car accidents which happen and their hazards are extremely deadly. Approach a vehicle fire always with a note of caution…

Is Your Car Protected Against Fire?

Vehicle fires are one of common type of car accidents which happen and their hazards are extremely deadly. Approach a vehicle fire always with a note of caution as you never know the extent to which the fire has impacted vehicle. Fire may be sparked due to collisions either with other vehicles or with some other poles or dead end roads, while some are mostly caused by the problems due to a car wiring system, fuel system or even some cigarettes remains left in the car, causing the engine to catch fire. Your best support system of defense is to have these check points in the vehicle checked out at every car service. How to make sure is your protected against fire? Below are listed a few key measures:

Preventive measure to make sure whether is your car protected against fire:

Drive Safely

Drive safely to avoid collisions. Collisions are the major cause of car fire. This could be avoided by driving cautiously. Do not drink and drive. Always be speculative about the possible potential hazards. Drive with in the regulated speed limits to ensure safe driving and maintain considerable distance between the vehicles which are ahead and behind you.

Car Cleanliness

It is very important to keep your car clean to avoid even the minimal chance of catching fire. Even a small amount of any kind of debris, be it paper or cigarette bits could trigger out a big disaster. Beware of the products you use inside a car, as most of the products these days are synthetic polymers which on over heat exposure could release toxic fumes which might even spin out some sort of fire.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is one of the easiest ways to avoid any car fire issues. This also helps you to save a lot more of expenses which usually happens post the impact. The maintenance is also considered to be far easy than what is expected and doesn't even take much time. A high level of inspection usually involves - opening the hood, giving it a look. The fuel lines are the part which requires maximum attention. So, observe deeply for the fuel injectors, whether they are in good state or not. The chances of impact are more with the vehicle getting older. So, it’s better to periodically schedule a regular maintenance for your vehicle.  Also, while checking these, do check brake fluid, your coolant power, steering fluid and engine oil as well as antifreeze levels.

Car Battery Maintenance

A battery poorly maintained might also turn into a potential hazard for your vehicle. Hydrogen is released with constant charging which when mixed with the inflammable liquids and battery current in the engine can easily spin out a fire. Lucky us, maintaining a battery is not a tough nut to crack. We just need to ensure that there are no leaks or any fluid buildup near the battery.

Car Fire Extinguishers

Car fire extinguishers are different from the regular ones are strictly meant for a car fire. They are normally foam spray extinguishers or dry powder. These are the best of it as they can settle out all types of car fire.

Watch Out for Signs

There might be some warning signs like rapid changes in fuel or fluid levels or signs of an overheating engine or blown fuses. Take precautionary actions immediately when you notice any of these to prevent a fire.

Is your car protected against fire if followed the preventive measures? Yes. But you also need to go through the vehicles manual to look out for any additional safety measures to be taken while driving.

It is always advisable to take motor insurance for your vehicle as in cases like these the insurance comes hand in hand to support your need for the vehicle and helps you to fix the problem at the earliest. If you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, it covers you completely for any loss caused due to fire.

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